Stellarium  0.17.0
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CAABBoxAn axis-aligned bounding-box class
 CAPIServiceResponseThread-safe version of HttpResponse that can be passed around through QMetaObject::invokeMethod
 CAtmosphereCompute and display the daylight sky color using openGL
 CCommLinkRadio communication channel properties
 CDataSetCreditsContains all the credits for the creator of the image collection
 CEdgeVertexDescribe a vertex composing polygon contours, and whether it belong to an edge or not
 CExtinctionThis class performs extinction computations, following literature from atmospheric optics and astronomy
 CGlobalShaderParametersA structure for global shader parameters
 CgSatTEMESat position and velocity predictions over TEME reference system
 CgSatWrapperWrapper allowing compatibility between gsat and Stellarium/Qt
 CgTimeThis class implements time calculations
 CHeightmapThis represents a heightmap for viewer-ground collision
 CHipIndexStructContainer for Hipparcos information
 CHttpConnectionHandlerSettingsContains all settings for the connection handler
 CHttpCookieHTTP cookie as defined in RFC 2109
 CHttpRequestThis object represents a single HTTP request
 CHttpResponseThis object represents a HTTP response, used to return something to the web client
 CITemplateTranslationProviderInterface for Template::translate calls
 CLandscapeStore and manages the displaying of the Landscape
 CLineA simple line class, identified by a point and a direction vector
 CLx200CommandAbstract base class for Meade LX200 (and compatible) commands
 CMatrix3< T >A templatized column-major 3x3 matrix compatible with openGL (mostly for NormalMatrix calculation)
 CMatrix4< T >A templatized column-major 4x4 matrix compatible with openGL
 CMatrix4< double >
 CMatrix4< float >
 CMeteorModels a single meteor
 CNexStarCommandAbstract base class for Celestron NexStar (and compatible) commands
 COctahedronPolygonManage a non-convex polygon which can extends on more than 180 deg
 CPolyhedronThis implementation is based on Stingl's Robust Hard Shadows
 CPositionA telescope's position at a given time
 CQFuture< T >
 CQFuture< GLData >
 CQFuture< Planet::PlanetOBJModel * >
 CRCMagContains the 2 parameters necessary to draw a star on screen
 CRemoteControlServiceInterfaceInterface for all Remote Control Plug-in services
 CSceneInfoContains all the metadata necessary for a Scenery3d scene, and can be loaded from special .ini files in a scene's folder
 CServerBase class for telescope server classes
 CServerCreditsContain all the credits for a given server hosting the data
 CShaderMgrA simple shader cache class that gives us the correct shader depending on desired configuration
 CSkybrightThis class makes use of the 1998 sky brightness model by Bradley Schaefer
 CSkyLineGridLinesMgr.cpp at V0.13.2, but with small-circle drawing
 CSphericalLandscapeRe-implementation of gluSphere : glu is overridden for non-standard projection
 CSphericalRegionAbstract class defining a region of the sphere
 CSphericalTexturedPolygon::TextureVertexA container for 3D vertex + associated texture coordinates
 CStaticFileControllerSettingsContains all the settings for the StaticFileController
 Cstd::vector< T >STL class
 CStelFaderManages a (usually smooth) transition between two states (typically ON/OFF) in function of a counter It used for various purpose like smooth transitions
 CStelFileMgrProvides utilities for locating and handling files
 CStelGeodesicGridGrid of triangles (zones) on the sphere with radius 1, generated by subdividing the icosahedron
 CStelGuiBaseAbstract class defining the base interface for all GUIs
 CStelJsonParserQt-based simple JSON reader inspired by the one from Zoolib
 CStelLocaleMgrManage i18n operations such as message translation and date/time localization
 CStelLocationStore the informations for a location on a planet
 CStelLoggerClass wit only static members used to manage logging for Stellarium
 CStelMainView::GLInfoContains some basic info about the OpenGL context used
 CStelModuleMgr::PluginDescriptorContains the information read from the module.ini file
 CStelOBJRepresentation of a custom subset of a Wavefront .obj file, including only triangle data and materials
 CStelOBJ::MaterialDefines a material loaded from an .mtl file
 CStelOBJ::MaterialGroupRepresents a bunch of faces following after each other that use the same material
 CStelOBJ::ObjectRepresents an OBJ object as defined with the 'o' statement
 CStelOBJ::VertexA Vertex struct holds the vertex itself (position), corresponding texture coordinates, normals, tangents and bitangents It does not use Vec3f etc
 CStelOpenGLArrayEncapsulates vertex data stored in the OpenGL server memory, which can be used for fast drawing commands, without repeated CPU-GPU data uploads
 CStelPluginInfoContains information about a Stellarium plugin
 CStelPluginInterfaceDefine the interface to implement when creating a plugin
 CStelProjectorProvide the main interface to all operations of projecting coordinates from sky to screen
 CStelProjector::ModelViewTranformAllows to define non linear operations in addition to the standard linear (Matrix 4d) ModelView transformation
 CStelProjector::StelProjectorParamsContains all the param needed to initialize a StelProjector
 CStelRegionObjectSimple abstract class defining basic methods implemented by all objects that need to be stored in a StelSphericalIndex
 CStelScriptOutputClass with only static members used to manage output for Stellarium scripts
 CStelSkyCultureStore basic info about a sky culture for stellarium
 CStelSphericalIndexContainer allowing to store and query SphericalRegion
 CStelStyleHolds the information related to a color style for GUI and modules of Stellarium
 CStelTexture::StelTextureParamsContains the parameters defining how a texture is created
 CStelToneReproducerConverts tones in function of the eye adaptation to luminance
 CStelTranslatorClass used to translate strings to any language
 CStelViewportEffectAllow to apply visual effects on the whole Stellarium viewport
 CStoredViewA structure which stores a specific view position, view direction and FOV, together with a textual description
 CSyncMessageHandlerBase interface for message handlers, i.e. reacting to messages
 CSyncProtocol::SyncHeaderAll messages are preceded by this
 CSyncProtocol::SyncMessageBase interface for the messages themselves, allowing to serialize/deserialize them
 CTleDataData structure containing unvalidated TLE set as read from a TLE list file
 CTleSourceTLE update source, used only internally for now
 CToastGridConvenience class that can be used to compute the TOAST grid points
 CToastTileRepresents a tile in a TOAST image
 CToastTile::CoordTriple struct for a coordinate of a ToastTile
 CTuiNodeResponseA TuiNodeResponse contains a flag, "accepted" if a keystroke was accepted And a link to a node, should the key action have prompted a change in the current node used by the menu system
 CVector2< T >A templatized 2d vector compatible with openGL
 CVector2< double >
 CVector2< float >
 CVector3< T >A templatized 3d vector compatible with openGL
 CVector3< double >
 CVector3< float >
 CVector4< T >A templatized 4d vector compatible with openGL
 CVector4< double >
 CVector4< float >
 CVector4< int >
 CZoneArrayManages all ZoneData structures of a given StelGeodesicGrid level
 CZoneDataA single triangle