Stellarium  0.17.0
Data Fields
StelPluginInfo Struct Reference

Contains information about a Stellarium plugin. More...

#include <StelPluginInterface.hpp>

Data Fields

QString id
 The plugin ID. It MUST match the lib file name (case sensitive), e.g. "HelloStelModule".
QString displayedName
 The displayed name, e.g. "Artificial Satellites".
QString authors
 The comma separated list of authors, e.g. "Fabien Chereau, Matthew Gates".
QString contact
 The contact email or URL.
QString description
 The HTML description of the plugin.
QString version
 The version of the plugin, e.g. "1.0.0".
QString license
 The license of the plugin, e.g. "GPLv2+".
QImage image
 Logo or preview image to display in the information dialog or an invalid image if not applicable. More...
bool startByDefault
 Whether the plugin should be started by default (if nothing specified in config.ini)

Detailed Description

Field Documentation

QImage StelPluginInfo::image

The image size should be x by x pixels.