Stellarium  0.17.0
Here is a list of all modules:
 Angle Measure plug-in
 ArchaeoLines Plug-in
 Compass Marks Plug-in
 Equation of Time plug-in
 Exoplanets Plug-in
 Field of View Plug-in
 Meteor Showers Plug-in
 Navigational Stars Plug-in
 Bright Novae Plug-in
 Observability Analysis Plug-in
 Oculars Plug-in
 Pointer Coordinates Plug-in
 Pulsars Plug-in
 Quasars Plug-in
 QtWebApp library
 Remote Control Plug-inControl Stellarium through your web browser! For more information, see Remote Control Plug-in documentation
 RemoteSync plug-in
 Satellites Plug-in
 3D Sceneries plug-in
 Historical Supernovae Plug-in
 Telescope Control plug-in