Stellarium  0.17.0
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StelMainScriptAPIProxy Class Reference

Because the core API runs in a different thread to the main program, direct function calls to some classes can cause problems - especially when images must be loaded, or other non-atomic operations are involved. More...

#include <StelMainScriptAPIProxy.hpp>

Public Slots

void setDiskViewport (bool b)

Public Member Functions

 StelMainScriptAPIProxy (QObject *parent=Q_NULLPTR)

Detailed Description

This class acts as a proxy - running in the Main thread. Connect signals from the StelMainScriptAPI to the instance of this class running in the main thread and let the slots do the work which is not possible within StelMainScriptAPI itself.

Please follow the following convention: member in StelMainScriptAPI: someSlot(...) signal in StelMainScriptAPI: requestSomeSlot(...) member in StelMainScriptAPIProxy: someSlot(...)

The dis-advantage of this method is that there is no way to get a return value. This is because of how the signal/slot mechanism works.