Stellarium  0.17.0
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SporadicMeteor Class Reference

Models a single sporadic meteor with a random color and a random radiant. More...

#include <SporadicMeteor.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 SporadicMeteor (const StelCore *core, const float &maxVel, const StelTextureSP &bolideTexture)
 Create a SporadicMeteor object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Meteor
 Meteor (const StelCore *core, const StelTextureSP &bolideTexture)
 Create a Meteor object.
void init (const float &radiantAlpha, const float &radiantDelta, const float &speed, const QList< ColorPair > colors)
 Initialize meteor.
virtual bool update (double deltaTime)
 Updates the position of the meteor, and expires it if necessary. More...
virtual void draw (const StelCore *core, StelPainter &sPainter)
 Draws the meteor.
bool isAlive ()
 Indicate if the meteor still visible.
void setAbsMag (float mag)
 Set meteor absolute magnitude.
float absMag ()
 Get meteor absolute magnitude.

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typedef QPair< QString, int > ColorPair
 <colorName, intensity>

Detailed Description

Marcos Cardinot