Stellarium  0.17.0
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StelSkyLayer Class Referenceabstract

Abstract class defining the API to implement for all sky layer. More...

#include <StelSkyLayer.hpp>


void loadingStateChanged (bool b)
 Emitted when loading of data started or stopped. More...
void percentLoadedChanged (int percentage)
 Emitted when the percentage of loading tiles/tiles to be displayed changed. More...

Public Member Functions

 StelSkyLayer (QObject *parent=Q_NULLPTR)
virtual void draw (StelCore *core, StelPainter &sPainter, float opacity=1.)=0
 Draws the content of the layer.
virtual QString getShortName () const =0
 Return the short name to display in the loading bar.
virtual QString getShortServerCredits () const
 Return the short server name to display in the loading bar.
virtual QString getKeyHint () const
 Return a hint on which key to use for referencing this layer. More...
virtual QString getLayerDescriptionHtml () const
 Return a human readable description of the layer with e.g. More...
void setFrameType (StelCore::FrameType ft)
 Set the reference frame type.
StelCore::FrameType getFrameType ()
 Get the reference frame type.

Detailed Description

A sky layer is a graphical layer containing image or polygons displayed in the sky. The StelSkyImageMgr allows to set the display order for layers, as well as opacity.

Member Function Documentation

virtual QString StelSkyLayer::getKeyHint ( ) const

Note that the key effectively used may be different.

virtual QString StelSkyLayer::getLayerDescriptionHtml ( ) const

links and copyrights.

Reimplemented in StelSkyImageTile.

void StelSkyLayer::loadingStateChanged ( bool  b)
btrue if data loading started, false if finished.
void StelSkyLayer::percentLoadedChanged ( int  percentage)
percentagethe percentage of loaded data.