Stellarium  0.17.0
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TuiNodeEditable Class Referenceabstract

pure virtual from which editables for different data types are derived. More...

#include <TuiNodeEditable.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 TuiNodeEditable (const QString &text, TuiNode *parent=Q_NULLPTR, TuiNode *prev=Q_NULLPTR)
virtual TuiNodeResponse handleKey (int key)
virtual TuiNodeResponse handleEditingKey (int key)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from TuiNode
 TuiNode (const QString &text, TuiNode *parent=Q_NULLPTR, TuiNode *prev=Q_NULLPTR)
 Create a TuiNode. More...
virtual TuiNodeResponse navigation (int key)
virtual QString getDisplayText () const
virtual TuiNodegetParentNode () const
virtual void setParentNode (TuiNode *n)
virtual TuiNodegetChildNode () const
virtual void setChildNode (TuiNode *n)
 This also takes ownership of the child through OObject->setParent.
virtual TuiNodegetPrevNode () const
virtual void setPrevNode (TuiNode *n)
virtual TuiNodegetNextNode () const
virtual void setNextNode (TuiNode *n)
virtual void loopToTheLast ()
 Set prevNode to the last of the chain of nextNode-s. More...
int getNodeNumber () const
QList< int > getAncestorsNumbers () const

Protected Attributes

bool editing
- Protected Attributes inherited from TuiNode
QString prefixText
 Text of the prefix containing the hierarchical node number.
QString displayText
int nodeNumber
 Number of the node in the current menu. More...
QList< int > ancestorsNumbers
 Contains the numbers of the parent nodes in the hierarchy. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TuiNode
void updateNodeNumber ()
 Updates nodeNumber, ancestorNumbers and prefixText.

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