Stellarium  0.17.0
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StelSkyCultureMgr Class Reference

Manage sky cultures for stellarium. More...

#include <StelSkyCultureMgr.hpp>

Public Slots

QString getCurrentSkyCultureEnglishName () const
 Get the current sky culture English name.
QString getCurrentSkyCultureNameI18 () const
 Get the current sky culture translated name.
bool setCurrentSkyCultureNameI18 (const QString &cultureName)
 Set the sky culture from i18n name. More...
QString getCurrentSkyCultureID () const
 Get the current sky culture ID.
bool setCurrentSkyCultureID (const QString &id)
 Set the current sky culture from the ID. More...
int getCurrentSkyCultureBoundariesIdx () const
 Get the type of boundaries of the current sky culture Config option: info/boundaries Possible values: none (-1; using by default) generic (0) own (1)
QString getCurrentSkyCultureHtmlDescription () const
 Returns a localized HTML description for the current sky culture. More...
QString getDefaultSkyCultureID ()
 Get the default sky culture ID.
bool setDefaultSkyCultureID (const QString &id)
 Set the default sky culture from the ID. More...
QString getSkyCultureListEnglish (void)
 Get a list of sky culture names in English. More...
QStringList getSkyCultureListI18 (void)
 Get a list of sky culture names in the current language. More...
QStringList getSkyCultureListIDs (void)
 Get a list of sky culture IDs.
QMap< QString, StelSkyCulturegetDirToNameMap () const
 Returns a map from sky culture IDs/folders to sky culture names.


void defaultSkyCultureChanged (const QString &id)
 Emitted whenever the default sky culture changed. More...
void currentSkyCultureChanged (const QString &id)
 Emitted when the current sky culture changes.

Public Member Functions

void init ()
 Initialize the StelSkyCultureMgr object. More...
StelSkyCulture getSkyCulture () const
 Get the current sky culture.


QString currentSkyCultureID
QString defaultSkyCultureID

Detailed Description

Different human cultures have used different names for stars, and visualised different constellations in the sky (and in different parts of the sky). In the installation data directory and user data directory are the "skycultures" sub-directories containing one sub-directory per sky culture. This sub-directory name is that we refer to as sky culture ID here.

Fabien Chereau

Member Function Documentation

void StelSkyCultureMgr::defaultSkyCultureChanged ( const QString &  id)
QString StelSkyCultureMgr::getCurrentSkyCultureHtmlDescription ( ) const
a HTML description of the current sky culture, suitable for display
QString StelSkyCultureMgr::getSkyCultureListEnglish ( void  )
A new-line delimited list of English sky culture names.
QStringList StelSkyCultureMgr::getSkyCultureListI18 ( void  )
A list of translated sky culture names.
void StelSkyCultureMgr::init ( )

Gets the default sky culture name from the application's settings, sets that sky culture by calling setCurrentSkyCultureID().

bool StelSkyCultureMgr::setCurrentSkyCultureID ( const QString &  id)
idthe sky culture ID.
true on success; else false.
bool StelSkyCultureMgr::setCurrentSkyCultureNameI18 ( const QString &  cultureName)
true on success; false and doesn't change if skyculture is invalid.
bool StelSkyCultureMgr::setDefaultSkyCultureID ( const QString &  id)
idthe sky culture ID.
true on success; else false.