Stellarium  0.17.0
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StelOBJ::Object Struct Reference

Represents an OBJ object as defined with the 'o' statement. More...

#include <StelOBJ.hpp>

Data Fields

bool isDefaultObject
 True if this object was automatically generated because no 'o' statements were before the first 'f' statement.
QString name
 The name of the object. May be empty.
Vec3f centroid
 The centroid of this object at load time. More...
AABBox boundingbox
 The AABB of this object at load time.
MaterialGroupList groups
 The list of material groups in this object.


class StelOBJ

Detailed Description

There is an default object for faces defined before any 'o' statement

Field Documentation

Vec3f StelOBJ::Object::centroid
This is a very simple centroid calculation which simply accumulates all vertex positions and divides by their number. Most notably, it does not take vertex density into account, so this may not correspond to the geometric center/center of mass of the object