Stellarium  0.17.0
Public Member Functions
PointerCoordinatesStelPluginInterface Class Reference

This class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface.

#include <PointerCoordinates.hpp>

Public Member Functions

virtual StelModulegetStelModule () const
 Get the instance of StelModule to include in the list of standard StelModule.
virtual StelPluginInfo getPluginInfo () const
 Get information about the plugin.
virtual QObjectList getExtensionList () const
 A mechanism to provide abitrary QObjects to the StelModuleMgr. More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual QObjectList PointerCoordinatesStelPluginInterface::getExtensionList ( ) const

Introduced to provide some limited form of inter-plugin communication. If you do not need this, return an empty list.

The StelModuleMgr remembers all loaded extensions and provides methods to access them. You should use qobject_cast to try to cast each object to a specific interface in which you are interested in.

Implements StelPluginInterface.