Stellarium  0.17.0
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Heightmap Class Reference

This represents a heightmap for viewer-ground collision.

#include <Heightmap.hpp>

Public Types

typedef QVector< unsigned int > IdxList
typedef QVector< Vec3fPosList

Public Member Functions

 Heightmap ()
 Construct a heightmap from a loaded OBJ mesh. More...
void setMeshData (const IdxList &indexList, const PosList &posList, const AABBox *bbox=Q_NULLPTR)
 Sets the mesh data to use. If the bbox is given, min/max calculation is skipped and its values are taken.
float getHeight (const float x, const float y) const
 Get z Value at (x,y) coordinates. More...
void setNullHeight (float h)
 set/retrieve default height
float getNullHeight () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Heightmap::Heightmap ( )

The mesh is stored as reference and used for calculations.

objMesh for building the heightmap.

Member Function Documentation

float Heightmap::getHeight ( const float  x,
const float  y 
) const

In case of ambiguities always returns the maximum height.

z-Value at position given by x and y