Stellarium  0.17.0
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SyncClient Class Reference

A client which can connect to a SyncServer to receive state changes, and apply them.

#include <SyncClient.hpp>

Public Types

enum  SyncOption {
  NONE = 0x0000, SyncTime = 0x0001, SyncLocation = 0x0002, SyncSelection = 0x0004,
  SyncStelProperty = 0x0008, SyncView = 0x0010, SyncFov = 0x0020, SkipGUIProps = 0x0040,
  ALL = 0xFFFF
 Bitflag-enum which determines the message types the client instance reacts to, and other boolean options.

Public Slots

void connectToServer (const QString &host, const int port)
void disconnectFromServer ()


void connected ()
void disconnected (bool cleanExit)

Public Member Functions

 SyncClient (SyncOptions options, const QStringList &excludeProperties, QObject *parent=Q_NULLPTR)
QString errorString () const

Protected Member Functions

void timerEvent (QTimerEvent *evt) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE


class ClientErrorHandler