Stellarium  0.17.0
Data Fields
StelProjector::StelProjectorParams Struct Reference

Contains all the param needed to initialize a StelProjector.

#include <StelProjector.hpp>

Data Fields

Vector4< int > viewportXywh
float fov
 posX, posY, width, height
bool gravityLabels
 FOV in degrees.
float defaultAngleForGravityText
 the flag to use gravity labels or not
StelProjectorMaskType maskType
 a rotation angle to apply to gravity text (only if gravityLabels is set to false)
float zNear
 The current projector mask.
float zFar
Vec2f viewportCenter
 Near and far clipping planes.
Vec2f viewportCenterOffset
 Viewport center in screen pixel.
float viewportFovDiameter
 Viewport center's offset in fractions of screen width/height. More...
bool flipHorz
 diameter of the FOV disk in pixel
bool flipVert
float devicePixelsPerPixel
 Whether to flip in horizontal or vertical directions.
float widthStretch
 The number of device pixel per "Device Independent Pixels" (value is usually 1, but 2 for mac retina screens)

Field Documentation

float StelProjector::StelProjectorParams::viewportFovDiameter

Usable e.g. in cylindrical projection to move horizon down. Currently only Y shift is fully implemented, X shift likely not too meaningful.