Stellarium  0.17.0
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SyncRemotePeer Class Reference

Handling the connection to a remote peer (i.e. all clients on the server, and the server on the client)

#include <SyncProtocol.hpp>


void disconnected (bool cleanDisconnect)

Public Member Functions

 SyncRemotePeer (QAbstractSocket *socket, bool isServer, const QVector< SyncMessageHandler * > &handlerList)
void writeMessage (const SyncProtocol::SyncMessage &msg)
 Sends a message to this peer.
void writeData (const QByteArray &data, int size=-1)
 Writes this data packet to the socket without processing.
void writeError (const QString &err)
 Can be used to write an error message to the peer and drop the connection.
void peerLog (const QString &msg) const
 Log a message for this peer.
QDebug peerLog () const
bool isAuthenticated () const
QUuid getID () const
void checkTimeout ()
void disconnectPeer ()
QString getError () const


class ServerAuthHandler
class ClientAuthHandler