Stellarium  0.17.0
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S3DRenderer Class Reference

Scenery3d renderer class.

#include <S3DRenderer.hpp>


void message (const QString &msg) const

Public Member Functions

 S3DRenderer (QObject *parent=Q_NULLPTR)
 Initializes an empty Scenery3d object.
void draw (StelCore *core, S3DScene &scene)
 Draw scenery, called by Scenery3dMgr.
void init ()
 Performs initialization that requires an valid OpenGL context.
bool getDebugEnabled () const
void setDebugEnabled (bool debugEnabled)
bool getPixelLightingEnabled () const
void setPixelLightingEnabled (const bool val)
bool getShadowsEnabled (void) const
void setShadowsEnabled (bool shadowsEnabled)
bool getUseSimpleShadows () const
void setUseSimpleShadows (bool val)
bool getBumpsEnabled (void) const
void setBumpsEnabled (bool bumpsEnabled)
bool getTorchEnabled (void) const
void setTorchEnabled (bool torchEnabled)
S3DEnum::ShadowFilterQuality getShadowFilterQuality () const
void setShadowFilterQuality (S3DEnum::ShadowFilterQuality quality)
bool getPCSS () const
void setPCSS (bool val)
bool getLocationInfoEnabled (void) const
void setLocationInfoEnabled (bool locationinfoenabled)
bool getLazyCubemapEnabled () const
void setLazyCubemapEnabled (bool val)
double getLazyCubemapInterval () const
void setLazyCubemapInterval (double val)
void getLazyCubemapUpdateOnlyDominantFaceOnMoving (bool &val, bool &alsoSecondDominantFace) const
void setLazyCubemapUpdateOnlyDominantFaceOnMoving (bool val, bool alsoSecondDominantFace)
void invalidateCubemap ()
 Does a cubemap redraw at the next possible opportunity when lazy-drawing is enabled.
S3DEnum::CubemappingMode getCubemappingMode () const
void setCubemappingMode (S3DEnum::CubemappingMode mode)
 Changes cubemapping mode and forces re-initialization on next draw call. More...
void setUseFullCubemapShadows (bool val)
bool getUseFullCubemapShadows () const
uint getCubemapSize () const
void setCubemapSize (uint size)
 Note: This may not set the size to the desired one because of hardware limits, call getCubemapSize to receive the value set after this call.
uint getShadowmapSize () const
void setShadowmapSize (uint size)
 Note: This may not set the size to the desired one because of hardware limits, call getShadowmapSize to receive the value set after this call.
float getTorchBrightness () const
void setTorchBrightness (float brightness)
float getTorchRange () const
void setTorchRange (float range)
void saveFrusts ()
ShaderMgrgetShaderManager ()
 Returns the shader manager this instance uses.
bool isGeometryShaderCubemapSupported () const
bool areShadowsSupported () const
bool isShadowFilteringSupported () const
bool isANGLEContext () const
unsigned int getMaximumFramebufferSize () const

Member Function Documentation

void S3DRenderer::setCubemappingMode ( S3DEnum::CubemappingMode  mode)

This may not set the actual mode to the parameter, call getCubemappingMode to find out what was set.