Stellarium  0.17.0
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ArchaeoLine Class Reference

Class which manages a line (small circle) to display around the sky like the solstices line. More...

#include <ArchaeoLines.hpp>

Public Types

enum  Line {
  CurrentPlanetNone, CurrentPlanetMercury, CurrentPlanetVenus, CurrentPlanetMars,
  CurrentPlanetJupiter, CurrentPlanetSaturn, Equinox, Solstices,
  Crossquarters, MajorStandstill, MinorStandstill, ZenithPassage,
  NadirPassage, SelectedObject, CurrentSun, CurrentMoon,
  CustomDeclination1, CustomDeclination2, GeographicLocation1, GeographicLocation2,
  CustomAzimuth1, CustomAzimuth2

Public Slots

void setColor (const Vec3f &c)
void update (double deltaTime)
void setFadeDuration (float duration)
void setDisplayed (const bool displayed)
void setFontSize (double newSize)
void setDefiningAngle (double angle)
 reset declination/azimuth angle (degrees) of this arc.
double getDefiningAngle (void) const
void updateLabel ()
 Re-translates the label.
void setLabelVisible (bool b)
bool isLabelVisible () const
void setLineType (ArchaeoLine::Line line)
void setLabel (const QString newLabel)
 change label. Used only for selected-object line - the other labels should not be changed!
QString getLabel () const


void colorChanged (Vec3f c)
void flagLabelChanged (bool on)
void definingAngleChanged (double angle)

Public Member Functions

 ArchaeoLine (ArchaeoLine::Line lineType, double definingAngle)
void draw (StelCore *core, float intensity=1.0f) const
const Vec3fgetColor () const
bool isDisplayed (void) const


Vec3f color
bool flagLabel
double definingAngle

Detailed Description

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