Stellarium  0.17.0
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ToastTile Class Reference

Represents a tile in a TOAST image. More...

#include <StelToast.hpp>

Data Structures

struct  Coord
 Triple struct for a coordinate of a ToastTile. More...

Public Member Functions

 ToastTile (ToastSurvey *survey, int level, int x, int y)
Coord getCoord () const
void draw (StelPainter *painter, const SphericalCap &viewportShape, int maxVisibleLevel)
bool isTransparent ()

Protected Member Functions

void drawTile (StelPainter *painter)
const ToastSurveygetSurvey () const
 Return the survey the tile belongs to.
const ToastGridgetGrid () const
 Return the toast grid used by the tile.
bool isVisible (const SphericalCap &viewportShape, int maxVisibleLevel) const
 Return whether the tile should be drawn.
bool isCovered (const SphericalCap &viewportShape) const
 return whether the tile is covered by its children tiles This is used to avoid drawing tiles that will be covered anyway
void prepareDraw ()

Detailed Description

The tiles are stored in a tree structure