Stellarium  0.17.0
Data Fields
varstar Struct Reference

Data Fields

QString designation
QString vtype
 GCVS designation.
float maxmag
 Type of variability.
int mflag
 Magnitude at maximum brightness.
float min1mag
 Magnitude flag code.
float min2mag
 First minimum magnitude or amplitude.
QString photosys
 Second minimum magnitude or amplitude.
double epoch
 The photometric system for magnitudes.
double period
 Epoch for maximum light (Julian days)
int Mm
 Period of the variable star (days)
QString stype
 Rising time or duration of eclipse (%)

Field Documentation

QString varstar::designation
double varstar::epoch
float varstar::maxmag
int varstar::mflag
float varstar::min1mag
float varstar::min2mag
int varstar::Mm
double varstar::period
QString varstar::photosys
QString varstar::stype
QString varstar::vtype