Stellarium  0.17.0
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StelActionMgr Class Reference

Manager for StelAction instances. Allows registration of new actions, and finding an existing one by name.

#include <StelActionMgr.hpp>

Public Slots

void setAllActionsEnabled (bool value)
 Enable/disable all actions of application. More...


void actionToggled (const QString &id, bool value)
 Emitted when any action registered with this StelActionMgr is toggled. More...
void shortcutsChanged ()

Public Member Functions

StelActionaddAction (const QString &id, const QString &groupId, const QString &text, QObject *target, const char *slot, const QString &shortcut="", const QString &altShortcut="", bool global=false)
 Create and add a new StelAction, connected to an object property or slot. More...
StelActionfindAction (const QString &id)
bool pushKey (int key, bool global=false)
QStringList getGroupList () const
 Returns a list of all current StelAction groups.
QList< StelAction * > getActionList (const QString &group) const
 Returns all StelActions in the specified group.
QList< StelAction * > getActionList () const
 Returns all registered StelActions.
void saveShortcuts ()
 Save current shortcuts to file.
void restoreDefaultShortcuts ()
 Restore the default shortcuts combinations.

Member Function Documentation

void StelActionMgr::actionToggled ( const QString &  id,
bool  value 
idThe id of the action that was toggled
valueThe new value of the action
StelAction* StelActionMgr::addAction ( const QString &  id,
const QString &  groupId,
const QString &  text,
QObject *  target,
const char *  slot,
const QString &  shortcut = "",
const QString &  altShortcut = "",
bool  global = false 
idGlobal identifier.
groupIdGroup identifier.
textShort human-readable description in English.
targetThe QObject the action is linked to.
slotThe target slot or property that the action will trigger. Either a slot name of the form 'func()' and in that case the action is made non checkable, a slot name of the form 'func(bool)' and in that case the action is made checkable, or a property name and in that case the action is made checkable.
shortcutDefault shortcut/key combination for this action
altShortcutAlternative shortcut
globaldetermines QAction shortcut context (not necessary anymore?)
void StelActionMgr::setAllActionsEnabled ( bool  value)

need for editing shortcuts without trigging any actions