Stellarium  0.17.0
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QDoubleSpinBoxStelPropertyConnectionHelper Class Reference

A StelPropertyProxy that works with QDoubleSpinBox widgets. More...

#include <StelDialog_p.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 QDoubleSpinBoxStelPropertyConnectionHelper (StelProperty *prop, QDoubleSpinBox *spin)
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 StelPropertyProxy (StelProperty *prop, QObject *parent)

Protected Slots

virtual void onPropertyChanged (const QVariant &value) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
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virtual void onPropertyChanged (const QVariant &value)=0
 This is connected by the constructor to the StelProperty::changed event of the connected property.

Additional Inherited Members

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 The connected property, set by the constructor.

Detailed Description

When the property changes, the widget's value is updated, while preventing widget signals to be sent. This avoids emitting the valueChanged() signal, which would unnecessarily set the property value again, which may lead to problems.