Stellarium  0.17.0
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StelOBJ::Vertex Struct Reference

A Vertex struct holds the vertex itself (position), corresponding texture coordinates, normals, tangents and bitangents It does not use Vec3f etc. More...

#include <StelOBJ.hpp>

Public Member Functions

bool operator== (const Vertex &b) const
 Checks if the 2 vertices correspond to the same data using memcmp.

Data Fields

GLfloat position [3]
 The XYZ position.
GLfloat texCoord [2]
 The UV texture coordinate.
GLfloat normal [3]
 The vertex normal.
GLfloat tangent [4]
 The vertex tangent.
GLfloat bitangent [3]
 The vertex bitangent.

Detailed Description

to be POD compliant (needed for offsetof)