Stellarium  0.17.0
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SpoutSender Class Reference

Helper class to send rendered frames to Spout (

#include <SpoutSender.hpp>

Public Slots

void captureAndSendFrame (GLuint fbo)
 Captures a frame from the currently bound framebuffer, and sends it to Spout. More...
void resize (uint width, uint height)
 Informs the sender about changed buffer dimensions. More...
bool isValid ()
 True if the sender has been successfuly created.

Public Member Functions

 SpoutSender (const QString &senderName)
 Initializes the Spout library and creates a sender with the specified name (restricted to 256 chars) Requires a valid GL context.
virtual ~SpoutSender ()
 Releases all held resources.

Member Function Documentation

void SpoutSender::captureAndSendFrame ( GLuint  fbo)

Requires a valid GL context.

fboThe ID of the current framebuffer, should match with GL state!
void SpoutSender::resize ( uint  width,
uint  height 

Does not need a GL context.