Stellarium  0.17.0
Public Member Functions
StelGuiBase Class Referenceabstract

Abstract class defining the base interface for all GUIs. More...

#include <StelGuiBase.hpp>

Public Member Functions

virtual void init (QGraphicsWidget *atopLevelGraphicsWidget)
virtual void setStelStyle (const QString &section)=0
 Load color scheme matchin the section name.
virtual void setInfoTextFilters (const StelObject::InfoStringGroup &aflags)=0
 Get a pointer on the info panel used to display selected object info.
virtual const StelObject::InfoStringGroup & getInfoTextFilters () const =0
virtual void forceRefreshGui ()
virtual void setVisible (bool b)=0
 Show whether the GUI is visible. More...
virtual bool getVisible () const =0
 Get the current visible status of the GUI.
virtual bool isCurrentlyUsed () const =0
 Show wether the Gui is currently used. More...

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool StelGuiBase::isCurrentlyUsed ( ) const
pure virtual

This can then be used to optimize the rendering to increase reactivity.

Implemented in StelGui.

virtual void StelGuiBase::setVisible ( bool  b)
pure virtual
bwhen true, GUI will be shown, else it will be hidden.

Implemented in StelGui.