Stellarium  0.17.0
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SimbadLookupReply Class Reference

Contains all the information about a current simbad lookup query. More...

#include <SimbadSearcher.hpp>

Public Types

enum  SimbadLookupStatus { SimbadLookupQuerying, SimbadLookupErrorOccured, SimbadLookupFinished }
 Possible status for a simbad query. More...


void statusChanged ()
 Triggered when the lookup status change.

Public Member Functions

QMap< QString, Vec3dgetResults () const
 Get the result list of matching objectName/position.
SimbadLookupStatus getCurrentStatus () const
 Get the current status.
QString getCurrentStatusString () const
 Get a I18n string describing the current status. It can be used e.g for reporting in widgets.
QString getErrorString () const
 Get the error descrition string. Return empty string if no error occured.
void deleteNetworkReply ()
 Explicitly delete the internal QNetworkReply. Must not be called from a QNetworkReply signal.


class SimbadSearcher

Detailed Description

Instances of this class are generated by the SimbadSearcher class.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Simbad is still being queried.


An error occured while looking up Simbad. Call getErrorString() for a description of the error.


The query is over. The reply can be deleted.