Stellarium  0.17.0
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LogBookConfigDialog Class Reference

Public Slots

void closeWindow ()
- Public Slots inherited from StelDialogLogBook
void setVisible (bool)
void close ()


void currentBarlowChanged ()
void currentFilterChanged ()
void currentImagerChanged ()
void currentObserverChanged ()
void currentOcularChanged ()
void currentOpticChanged ()
void currentSiteChanged ()
- Signals inherited from StelDialogLogBook
void visibleChanged (bool)
void dialogClosed (StelDialogLogBook *)

Public Member Functions

 LogBookConfigDialog (QMap< QString, QSqlTableModel * > theTableModels)
void languageChanged ()
 Retranslate the content of the dialog.
void styleChanged ()
 Notify that the application style changed.
void updateStyle ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void createDialogContent ()
 Initialize the dialog widgets and connect the signals/slots.
void setupListViews ()
void setupWidgets ()
 helper for createDialogContent() that handles the referenced ui widgets.

Protected Attributes

Ui_LogBookConfigDialogForm * ui
Ui_BarlowsWidget * barlowsWidget
Ui_FiltersWidget * filtersWidget
Ui_ImagersWidget * imagersWidget
Ui_ObserversWidget * observersWidget
Ui_OcularsWidget * ocularsWidget
Ui_OpticsWidget * opticsWidget
Ui_SitesWidget * sitesWidget
QMap< QString, QSqlTableModel * > tableModels
QMap< QString, QWidget * > widgets
int selectedBarlowRow
int selectedFilterRow
int selectedImagerRow
int selectedObserverRow
int selectedOcularRow
int selectedOpticRow
int selectedSiteRow
- Protected Attributes inherited from StelDialogLogBook
QWidget * dialog
 The main dialog.
class CustomProxyproxy