Stellarium  0.17.0
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Connection Class Reference

TCP/IP connection to a client.

#include <Connection.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Connection (Server &server, SOCKET fd)
long long int getServerMinusClientTime (void) const
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void hangup ()
virtual bool isClosed () const

Protected Member Functions

void performReading (void)
 Receives data from a TCP/IP connection and stores it in the read buffer.
void performWriting (void)
 Sends the contents of the write buffer over a TCP/IP connection.
void prepareSelectFds (fd_set &read_fds, fd_set &write_fds, int &fd_max)
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 Socket (Server &server, SOCKET fd)
int readNonblocking (void *buf, int count)
int writeNonblocking (const void *buf, int count)

Protected Attributes

char read_buff [120]
char * read_buff_end
char write_buff [120]
char * write_buff_end
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