Stellarium  0.17.0
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Polyhedron Class Reference

This implementation is based on Stingl's Robust Hard Shadows. More...

#include <Polyhedron.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void add (const Frustum &f)
 Adds a frustum to this polyhedron.
void add (const SPolygon &p)
 Adds a polygon to this polyhedron.
void add (const QVector< Vec3f > &verts, const Vec3f &normal)
 Adds a polygon to this polyhedron.
void intersect (const AABBox &bb)
 Intersect this polyhedron with the specified bounding box.
void intersect (const Plane &p)
 Intersect this polyhedron with the specified plane.
void extrude (const Vec3f &dir, const AABBox &bb)
 Extrude each point of this polyhedron towards direction until we hit the bounding box.
void clear ()
 Clear up.
int getVertCount () const
 Returns the unique vertices count.
const QVector< Vec3f > & getVerts () const
 Returns the unique vertices.
void makeUniqueVerts ()
 Makes the unique vertices vector.
void render () const

Data Fields

QVector< SPolygonpolygons
 Vector holding all polygons of this polyhedron.

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