Stellarium  0.17.0
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SyncServerEventSender Class Reference

Subclasses of this class notify clients of state changes.

#include <SyncServerEventSenders.hpp>

Protected Slots

virtual void reactToStellariumEvent ()
 This may be used to react to Stellarium application events and queue a broadcast or store the changed state. More...
virtual void newClientConnected (SyncRemotePeer &client)
 This is automatically called by the SyncServer whenever a new client connects. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void update ()
 This is guaranteed to be called once per frame (usually after all other StelModules have been updated). More...
void broadcastMessage (const SyncProtocol::SyncMessage &msg)
 Subclasses can call this to broadcast a message to all valid connected clients.

Protected Attributes

bool isDirty
 Free to use by sublasses. Recommendation: use to track if update() should broadcast a message.
 Direct access to StelCore.


class SyncServer

Member Function Documentation

virtual void SyncServerEventSender::newClientConnected ( SyncRemotePeer client)
virtual void SyncServerEventSender::reactToStellariumEvent ( )

The general idea is to connect this to various signals in the constructor. It is not necessary to use this, but recommended for clarity. The default implementation sets isDirty to true.

virtual void SyncServerEventSender::update ( )