Stellarium 0.14.3
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CAABBAn axis-aligned bounding-box class
 CBoxA simple "box" class with 8 arbitrary vertices
 CCommLinkRadio communication channel properties
 CGlobalShaderParametersA structure for global shader parameters
 CgSatTEMESat position and velocity predictions over TEME reference system
 CgSatWrapperWrapper allowing compatibility between gsat and Stellarium/Qt
 CgTimeThis class implements time calculations
 CHeightmapThis represents a heightmap for viewer-ground collision
 CLx200CommandAbstract base class for Meade LX200 (and compatible) commands
 CMeteor [external]
 CNexStarCommandAbstract base class for Celestron NexStar (and compatible) commands
 COBJA basic Wavefront .OBJ format model loader
 COBJ::MaterialEncapsulates all information that the describes the surface appearance of a StelModel
 COBJ::StelModelStructure for a Mesh, will be used with Stellarium to render Holds the starting index, the number of triangles and a pointer to the MTL
 COBJ::VertexA vertex struct holds the vertex itself (position), corresponding texture coordinates, normals, tangents and bitangents It does not use Vec3f etc
 CPolyhedronThis implementation is based on Stingl's Robust Hard Shadows
 CPositionA telescope's position at a given time
 CSatelliteA representation of a satellite in Earth orbit
 CSceneInfoContains all the metadata necessary for a Scenery3d scene, and can be loaded from special .ini files in a scene's folder
 CScenery3dRepresentation of a complete 3D scenery
 CServerBase class for telescope server classes
 CShaderMgrA simple shader cache class that gives us the correct shader depending on desired configuration
 CSkyLineGridLinesMgr.cpp at V0.13.2, but with small-circle drawing
 Cstd::vector< T >STL class
 CStelDialog [external]A local copy of StelDialog, the base class for all the GUI windows in Stellarium, included to allow the plug-in to be loaded dynamically on Windows
 CStelModule [external]
 CStelObject [external]
 CStelObjectModule [external]
 CStelPluginInterface [external]
 CStoredViewA structure which stores a specific view position, view direction and FOV, together with a textual description
 CTleDataData structure containing unvalidated TLE set as read from a TLE list file
 CTleSourceTLE update source, used only internally for now
 CTuiNodeResponseA TuiNodeResponse contains a flag, "accepted" if a keystroke was accepted And a link to a node, should the key action have prompted a change in the current node used by the menu system