Stellarium 0.14.3
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TelescopeClient Class Referenceabstract

An abstract base class that should never be used directly, only inherited. More...

#include <TelescopeClient.hpp>

Public Member Functions

QString getEnglishName (void) const
QString getNameI18n (void) const
Vec3f getInfoColor (void) const
QString getInfoString (const StelCore *core, const InfoStringGroup &flags) const
 TelescopeClient supports the following InfoStringGroup flags: More...
QString getType (void) const
virtual double getAngularSize (const StelCore *) const
virtual void telescopeGoto (const Vec3d &j2000Pos)=0
virtual bool isConnected (void) const =0
virtual bool hasKnownPosition (void) const =0
void addOcular (double fov)
const QList< double > & getOculars (void) const
virtual bool prepareCommunication ()
virtual void performCommunication ()

Static Public Member Functions

static TelescopeClientcreate (const QString &url)

Protected Member Functions

 TelescopeClient (const QString &name)

Protected Attributes

QString nameI18n
const QString name

Detailed Description

An abstract base class that should never be used directly, only inherited.

This class used to be called Telescope, but it has been renamed to TelescopeClient in order to resolve a compiler/linker conflict with the identically named Telescope class in Stellarium's main code.

Definition at line 53 of file TelescopeClient.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

QString TelescopeClient::getInfoString ( const StelCore core,
const InfoStringGroup &  flags 
) const

TelescopeClient supports the following InfoStringGroup flags:

  • Name
  • RaDecJ2000
  • RaDec
  • PlainText
    corethe StelCore object
    flagsa set of InfoStringGroup items to include in the return value.
    a QString containing an HMTL encoded description of the Telescope.

Implements StelObject.

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