Stellarium 0.14.3
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ArchaeoLines Class Reference

Main class of the ArchaeoLines plug-in. More...

#include <ArchaeoLines.hpp>

Public Slots

void enableArchaeoLines (bool b)
void showEquinox (bool b)
void showSolstices (bool b)
void showCrossquarters (bool b)
void showMajorStandstills (bool b)
void showMinorStandstills (bool b)
void showZenithPassage (bool b)
void showNadirPassage (bool b)
void showSelectedObject (bool b)
void showCurrentSun (bool b)
void showCurrentMoon (bool b)
void showCurrentPlanet (ArchaeoLine::Line l)
void showCurrentPlanet (QString planet)
void setLineColor (ArchaeoLine::Line whichLine, QColor color)
QColor getLineColor (ArchaeoLine::Line whichLine)

Public Member Functions

virtual void init ()
virtual void update (double deltaTime)
virtual void draw (StelCore *core)
virtual double getCallOrder (StelModuleActionName actionName) const
virtual void handleKeys (class QKeyEvent *event)
virtual bool configureGui (bool show=true)
bool isEnabled () const
bool isDmsFormat () const
bool isEquinoxDisplayed () const
bool isSolsticesDisplayed () const
bool isCrossquartersDisplayed () const
bool isMajorStandstillsDisplayed () const
bool isMinorStandstillsDisplayed () const
bool isZenithPassageDisplayed () const
bool isNadirPassageDisplayed () const
bool isSelectedObjectDisplayed () const
bool isCurrentSunDisplayed () const
bool isCurrentMoonDisplayed () const
ArchaeoLine::Line whichCurrentPlanetDisplayed () const
void restoreDefaultSettings ()
 Restore the plug-in's settings to the default state. More...
void loadSettings ()
 Load the plug-in's settings from the configuration file. More...

Detailed Description

Main class of the ArchaeoLines plug-in.

Provides an on-screen visualisation of several small circles relevant mainly to archaeoastronomy. GZ 2014-12

Definition at line 136 of file ArchaeoLines.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ArchaeoLines::loadSettings ( )

Load the plug-in's settings from the configuration file.

Settings are kept in the "ArchaeoLines" section in Stellarium's configuration file. If no such section exists, it will load default values.

See also
void ArchaeoLines::restoreDefaultSettings ( )

Restore the plug-in's settings to the default state.

Replace the plug-in's settings in Stellarium's configuration file with the default values and re-load them. Uses internally loadSettings().

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