Stellarium 0.14.3
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ArchaeoLinesDialog Class Reference

Main window of the ArchaeoLines plug-in. More...

#include <ArchaeoLinesDialog.hpp>

Public Slots

void retranslate ()
void setEquinoxColor (QColor color)
void setSolsticeColor (QColor color)
void setCrossquarterColor (QColor color)
void setMajorStandstillColor (QColor color)
void setMinorStandstillColor (QColor color)
void setZenithPassageColor (QColor color)
void setNadirPassageColor (QColor color)
void setCurrentSunColor (QColor color)
void setCurrentMoonColor (QColor color)
void setCurrentPlanetColor (QColor color)
void setSelectedObjectColor (QColor color)
void askEquinoxColor ()
void askSolsticeColor ()
void askCrossquarterColor ()
void askMajorStandstillColor ()
void askMinorStandstillColor ()
void askZenithPassageColor ()
void askNadirPassageColor ()
void askCurrentSunColor ()
void askCurrentMoonColor ()
void askCurrentPlanetColor ()
void askSelectedObjectColor ()

Protected Member Functions

void createDialogContent ()

Detailed Description

Main window of the ArchaeoLines plug-in.

Definition at line 36 of file ArchaeoLinesDialog.hpp.

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