Stellarium  0.20.4
Data Structures
Oculars Plug-in

Data Structures

class  CCD
class  OcularDialog
class  OcularsGuiPanel
 A screen widget similar to InfoPanel. More...
class  PropertyBasedTableModel
 This class provides a table model for just about any QObject. More...
class  Lens
class  Ocular
class  Telescope
class  Oculars
 Main class of the Oculars plug-in. More...

Detailed Description

This plugin serves several purposes:

None of these activities can take the place of hands-on experience, but they are a good way to supplement your visual astronomy interests.

Data Structure Documentation


class CCD

Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE CCD (const QObject &other)
void writeToSettings (QSettings *settings, const int index)
QString name () const
void setName (QString name)
int getCCDID ()
int resolutionX () const
void setResolutionX (int resolution)
int resolutionY () const
void setResolutionY (int resolution)
double chipWidth () const
void setChipWidth (double width)
double chipHeight () const
void setChipHeight (double height)
double chipRotAngle () const
void setChipRotAngle (double angle)
int binningX () const
void setBinningX (int binning)
int binningY () const
void setBinningY (int binning)
bool hasOAG () const
void setHasOAG (bool oag)
double prismDistance () const
void setPrismDistance (double distance)
double prismHeight () const
void setPrismHeight (double height)
double prismWidth () const
void setPrismWidth (double width)
double prismPosAngle () const
void setPrismPosAngle (double angle)
double getActualFOVx (Telescope *telescope, Lens *lens) const
 The formula for this calculation comes from the Yerkes observatory. More...
double getActualFOVy (Telescope *telescope, Lens *lens) const
double getFocuserFOV (Telescope *telescope, Lens *lens, double focuserSize) const
 focuser size in inches
double getInnerOAGRadius (Telescope *telescope, Lens *lens) const
double getOuterOAGRadius (Telescope *telescope, Lens *lens) const
double getOAGActualFOVx (Telescope *telescope, Lens *lens) const
QMap< int, QString > propertyMap ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CCDccdFromSettings (QSettings *settings, int ccdIndex)
static CCDccdModel ()


QString name
int resolutionX
int resolutionY
double chipWidth
double chipHeight
double chipRotAngle
int binningX
int binningY
double hasOAG
double prismHeight
double prismWidth
double prismDistance
double prismPosAngle

Member Function Documentation

◆ getActualFOVx()

double CCD::getActualFOVx ( Telescope telescope,
Lens lens 
) const

fov degrees = 2PI/360degrees * chipDimension mm / telescope FL mm

◆ OcularDialog

class OcularDialog

Public Slots

void closeWindow ()
void deleteSelectedCCD ()
void deleteSelectedOcular ()
void deleteSelectedTelescope ()
void deleteSelectedLens ()
void insertNewCCD ()
void insertNewOcular ()
void insertNewTelescope ()
void insertNewLens ()
void moveUpSelectedSensor ()
void moveUpSelectedOcular ()
void moveUpSelectedTelescope ()
void moveUpSelectedLens ()
void moveDownSelectedSensor ()
void moveDownSelectedOcular ()
void moveDownSelectedTelescope ()
void moveDownSelectedLens ()
void retranslate ()
void updateOcular ()
void selectOcular (const QModelIndex)
void updateLens ()
void selectLens (const QModelIndex)
void updateCCD ()
void selectCCD (const QModelIndex)
void updateTelescope ()
void selectTelescope (const QModelIndex)
- Public Slots inherited from StelDialog
virtual void retranslate ()=0
 Retranslate the content of the dialog. More...
virtual void setVisible (bool)
 On the first call with "true" populates the window contents.
virtual void close ()
 Closes the window (the window widget is not deleted, just not visible).
void handleMovedTo (QPoint newPos)
 Adds dialog location to config.ini; should be connected in createDialogContent()
virtual void handleDialogSizeChanged (QSizeF size)
 Stores dialog sizes into config.ini; should be connected from the proxy. More...
QString getDialogName () const

Public Member Functions

 OcularDialog (Oculars *plugin, QList< CCD *> *ccds, QList< Ocular *> *oculars, QList< Telescope *> *telescopes, QList< Lens *> *lenses)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StelDialog
 StelDialog (QString dialogName="Default", QObject *parent=Q_NULLPTR)
virtual void styleChanged ()
 Notify that the application style changed.
bool visible () const
 Returns true if the dialog contents have been constructed and are currently shown.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void createDialogContent ()
 Initialize the dialog widgets and connect the signals/slots.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StelDialog
void connectColorButton (QToolButton *button, QString propertyName, QString iniName, QString moduleName="")
 Prepare a QToolButton so that it can receive and handle askColor() connections properly. More...
bool askConfirmation ()

Protected Attributes

Ui_ocularDialogForm * ui
- Protected Attributes inherited from StelDialog
QWidget * dialog
 The main dialog.
class CustomProxyproxy
QString dialogName
 The name should be set in derived classes' constructors and can be used to store and retrieve the panel locations.
QList< QWidget * > kineticScrollingList
 A list of widgets where kinetic scrolling can be activated or deactivated The list must be filled once, in the constructor or init() of fillDialog() etc. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from StelDialog
void visibleChanged (bool)
- Protected Slots inherited from StelDialog
void askColor ()
 To be called by a connected QToolButton with a color background. More...
void enableKineticScrolling (bool b)
 enable kinetic scrolling. This should be connected to StelApp's StelGui signal flagUseKineticScrollingChanged.
void handleFontChanged ()
 connect from StelApp to handle font and font size changes.
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from StelDialog
static void connectCheckBox (QAbstractButton *checkBox, const QString &actionName)
 Helper function to connect a checkbox to the StelAction with the specified name.
static void connectCheckBox (QAbstractButton *checkBox, StelAction *action)
 Helper function to connect a checkbox to the given StelAction.
static void connectIntProperty (QLineEdit *lineEdit, const QString &propName)
 Helper function to connect a QLineEdit to an integer StelProperty. More...
static void connectIntProperty (QSpinBox *spinBox, const QString &propName)
 Helper function to connect a QSpinBox to an integer StelProperty. More...
static void connectIntProperty (QComboBox *comboBox, const QString &propName)
 Helper function to connect a QComboBox to an integer StelProperty. More...
static void connectIntProperty (QSlider *slider, const QString &propName, int minValue, int maxValue)
 Helper function to connect a QSlider to an double or float StelProperty. More...
static void connectDoubleProperty (QDoubleSpinBox *spinBox, const QString &propName)
 Helper function to connect a QDoubleSpinBox to an double or float StelProperty. More...
static void connectDoubleProperty (QSlider *slider, const QString &propName, double minValue, double maxValue)
 Helper function to connect a QSlider to an double or float StelProperty. More...
static void connectStringProperty (QComboBox *comboBox, const QString &propName)
 Helper function to connect a QComboBox to an QString StelProperty. More...
static void connectBoolProperty (QAbstractButton *checkBox, const QString &propName)
 Helper function to connect a checkbox to a bool StelProperty. More...
static void connectBoolProperty (QGroupBox *checkBox, const QString &propName)
 Helper function to connect a groupbox to a bool StelProperty. More...
- Properties inherited from StelDialog
bool visible

◆ OcularsGuiPanel

class OcularsGuiPanel

Contains controls and information.

Public Slots

void showOcularGui ()
 Show only the controls used with an ocular overlay.
void showCcdGui ()
 Show only the controls used with a CCD overlay.
void foldGui ()
 Hide the controls, leaving only the button bar.

Public Member Functions

 OcularsGuiPanel (Oculars *ocularsPlugin, QGraphicsWidget *parent=Q_NULLPTR, Qt::WindowFlags wFlags=Q_NULLPTR)

◆ PropertyBasedTableModel

class PropertyBasedTableModel

It it nice, as a table model implementation per class is not required. It does this by using the Qt meta object system.

To use this class, your domain objects basically just need to use properties (for any properties you want to make available to the model), and have a Q_INVOKABLE copy constructor. Then, when you instantiate an instance, you must call the init methd. The init method takes the data to model, as well as an instance of your model class (to use as a model for creating new instances), and a map to know the ordering of the properties to their position (as you want them displayed).

Timothy Reaves

Public Member Functions

 PropertyBasedTableModel (QObject *parent=Q_NULLPTR)
void init (QList< QObject *> *content, QObject *model, QMap< int, QString > mappings)
 Initializes this instance for use. More...
virtual QVariant data (const QModelIndex &item, int role=Qt::DisplayRole) const
virtual int rowCount (const QModelIndex &parent=QModelIndex()) const
virtual int columnCount (const QModelIndex &parent=QModelIndex()) const
virtual Qt::ItemFlags flags (const QModelIndex &index) const
virtual bool insertRows (int position, int rows, const QModelIndex &index=QModelIndex())
virtual bool setData (const QModelIndex &index, const QVariant &value, int role=Qt::EditRole)
virtual bool removeRows (int position, int rows, const QModelIndex &index=QModelIndex())
void moveRowUp (int position)
void moveRowDown (int position)

Member Function Documentation

◆ init()

void PropertyBasedTableModel::init ( QList< QObject *> *  content,
QObject *  model,
QMap< int, QString >  mappings 

If you do not call this method, and use this class, your app will crash.

contentthe domain objects you want to model. They should all be the same type. This isnstance does not take ownership of content, or the elements in it.
modelan instance of the same type as in content, this instance is used to create new instances of your domain objects by calling the model objects copy constructor. This instance takes ownership of model.
mappingsmas an integer positional index to the property.

◆ Lens

class Lens

Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE Lens (const QObject &other)
void writeToSettings (QSettings *settings, const int index)
double getMultipler () const
void setMultipler (double theValue)
const QString getName () const
void setName (const QString &theValue)
QMap< int, QString > propertyMap ()

Static Public Member Functions

static LenslensFromSettings (QSettings *theSettings, int lensIndex)
static LenslensModel ()


QString name
double multipler

◆ Ocular

class Ocular

Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE Ocular (const QObject &other)
void writeToSettings (QSettings *settings, const int index)
bool isBinoculars (void) const
void setBinoculars (const bool flag)
bool hasPermanentCrosshair (void) const
void setPermanentCrosshair (const bool flag)
double apparentFOV (void) const
void setApparentFOV (const double fov)
double effectiveFocalLength (void) const
void setEffectiveFocalLength (const double fl)
double fieldStop (void) const
void setFieldStop (const double fs)
QString name (void) const
void setName (const QString aName)
QString reticlePath (void) const
void setReticlePath (const QString path)
double actualFOV (const Telescope *telescope, const Lens *lens) const
double magnification (const Telescope *telescope, const Lens *lens) const
QMap< int, QString > propertyMap (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static OcularocularFromSettings (const QSettings *theSettings, const int ocularIndex)
static OcularocularModel (void)


bool binoculars
bool permanentCrosshair
double apparentFOV
double effectiveFocalLength
double fieldStop
QString name
QString reticlePath

◆ Telescope

class Telescope

Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE Telescope (const QObject &other)
void writeToSettings (QSettings *settings, const int index)
double diameter () const
void setDiameter (double theValue)
double focalLength () const
void setFocalLength (double theValue)
const QString name () const
void setName (QString theValue)
bool isHFlipped () const
void setHFlipped (bool flipped)
bool isVFlipped () const
void setVFlipped (bool flipped)
bool isEquatorial () const
void setEquatorial (bool eq)
QMap< int, QString > propertyMap ()

Static Public Member Functions

static TelescopetelescopeFromSettings (QSettings *theSettings, int telescopeIndex)
static TelescopetelescopeModel ()


QString name
double diameter
double focalLength
bool hFlipped
bool vFlipped
bool equatorial

◆ Oculars

class Oculars

Public Slots

virtual QSettings * getSettings () Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 return the plugin's own settings (these do not include the settings from the main application) This implementation return a singleton (class static) QSettings object. More...
void updateLists ()
 Update the ocular, telescope and sensor lists after the removal of a member. More...
void ccdRotationReset ()
void prismPositionAngleReset ()
void decrementCCDIndex ()
void decrementOcularIndex ()
void decrementTelescopeIndex ()
void decrementLensIndex ()
void displayPopupMenu ()
void enableOcular (bool b)
 This method is called with we detect that our hot key is pressed. More...
bool getEnableOcular () const
void incrementCCDIndex ()
void incrementOcularIndex ()
void incrementTelescopeIndex ()
void incrementLensIndex ()
void disableLens ()
void rotateReticleClockwise ()
void rotateReticleCounterclockwise ()
void rotateCCD (int amount)
 amount must be a number. This adds to the current rotation.
double getSelectedCCDRotationAngle (void) const
 get rotation angle from currently selected CCD
void setSelectedCCDRotationAngle (double angle)
 set rotation angle for currently selected CCD
void rotatePrism (int amount)
 amount must be a number. This adds to the current rotation.
double getSelectedCCDPrismPositionAngle (void) const
 get position angle from prism/OAG of currently selected CCD
void setSelectedCCDPrismPositionAngle (double angle)
 set position angle for prism/OAG of currently selected CCD
void selectCCDAtIndex (int index)
 index in the range of -1:ccds.count(), else call is ignored
int getSelectedCCDIndex () const
void selectOcularAtIndex (int index)
 index in the range of -1:oculars.count(), else call is ignored
int getSelectedOcularIndex () const
void selectTelescopeAtIndex (int index)
 index in the range of -1:telescopes.count(), else call is ignored
int getSelectedTelescopeIndex () const
void selectLensAtIndex (int index)
 index in the range -1:lenses.count(), else call is ignored
int getSelectedLensIndex () const
void toggleCCD (bool show)
 Toggles the sensor frame overlay.
void toggleCCD ()
 Toggles the sensor frame overlay (overloaded for blind switching).
bool getEnableCCD () const
void toggleCrosshairs (bool show=true)
bool getEnableCrosshairs () const
void toggleTelrad (bool show)
 Toggles the Telrad sight overlay.
bool getEnableTelrad () const
void toggleTelrad ()
 Toggles the Telrad sight overlay (overloaded for blind switching).
void enableGuiPanel (bool enable=true)
bool getFlagGuiPanelEnabled (void) const
void setGuiPanelFontSize (int size)
int getGuiPanelFontSize () const
void setTextColor (Vec3f color)
Vec3f getTextColor () const
void setLineColor (Vec3f color)
Vec3f getLineColor () const
void setFocuserColor (Vec3f color)
Vec3f getFocuserColor () const
void setTelradFOV (Vec4f fov)
Vec4f getTelradFOV () const
void setFlagDMSDegrees (const bool b)
bool getFlagDMSDegrees (void) const
void setFlagRequireSelection (const bool b)
bool getFlagRequireSelection (void) const
void setFlagAutoLimitMagnitude (const bool b)
bool getFlagAutoLimitMagnitude (void) const
void setMagLimitStarsOcularsManual (double mag)
double getMagLimitStarsOcularsManual () const
void setFlagInitFovUsage (const bool b)
bool getFlagInitFovUsage (void) const
void setFlagInitDirectionUsage (const bool b)
bool getFlagInitDirectionUsage (void) const
void setFlagAutosetMountForCCD (const bool b)
bool getFlagAutosetMountForCCD (void) const
void setFlagScalingFOVForTelrad (const bool b)
bool getFlagScalingFOVForTelrad (void) const
void setFlagScalingFOVForCCD (const bool b)
bool getFlagScalingFOVForCCD (void) const
void setFlagUseSemiTransparency (const bool b)
bool getFlagUseSemiTransparency (void) const
void setTransparencyMask (const int v)
int getTransparencyMask (void) const
void setFlagShowResolutionCriteria (const bool b)
bool getFlagShowResolutionCriteria (void) const
void setCcdCropOverlayHSize (int size)
int getCcdCropOverlayHSize () const
void setCcdCropOverlayVSize (int size)
int getCcdCropOverlayVSize () const
void setArrowButtonScale (const int val)
int getArrowButtonScale () const
void setFlagHideGridsLines (const bool b)
bool getFlagHideGridsLines (void) const
void setFlagScaleImageCircle (bool state)
bool getFlagScaleImageCircle (void) const
void setFlagShowOcularsButton (bool b)
 Define whether the button toggling eyepieces should be visible.
bool getFlagShowOcularsButton (void)
void setFontSize (int s)
void setFontSizeFromApp (int s)
 Connect this to StelApp font size.
void setFlagShowCcdCropOverlay (const bool b)
bool getFlagShowCcdCropOverlay (void) const
void setFlagShowCcdCropOverlayPixelGrid (const bool b)
bool getFlagShowCcdCropOverlayPixelGrid (void) const
void setFlagShowContour (const bool b)
bool getFlagShowContour (void) const
void setFlagShowCardinals (const bool b)
bool getFlagShowCardinals (void) const
void setFlagAlignCrosshair (const bool b)
bool getFlagAlignCrosshair (void) const
void setFlagShowFocuserOverlay (const bool b)
bool getFlagShowFocuserOverlay (void) const
void setFlagUseSmallFocuserOverlay (const bool b)
bool getFlagUseSmallFocuserOverlay (void) const
void setFlagUseMediumFocuserOverlay (const bool b)
bool getFlagUseMediumFocuserOverlay (void) const
void setFlagUseLargeFocuserOverlay (const bool b)
bool getFlagUseLargeFocuserOverlay (void) const


void enableOcularChanged (bool value)
void enableCrosshairsChanged (bool value)
void enableCCDChanged (bool value)
void enableTelradChanged (bool value)
void selectedCCDChanged (int value)
void selectedOcularChanged (int value)
void selectedTelescopeChanged (int value)
void selectedLensChanged (int value)
void selectedCCDRotationAngleChanged (double value)
void selectedCCDPrismPositionAngleChanged (double value)
void flagGuiPanelEnabledChanged (bool value)
void guiPanelFontSizeChanged (int value)
void textColorChanged (Vec3f color)
void lineColorChanged (Vec3f color)
void focuserColorChanged (Vec3f color)
void flagHideGridsLinesChanged (bool value)
void flagAutosetMountForCCDChanged (bool value)
void flagScalingFOVForTelradChanged (bool value)
void telradFOVChanged (Vec4f fov)
void flagScalingFOVForCCDChanged (bool value)
void flagUseSemiTransparencyChanged (bool value)
void transparencyMaskChanged (int value)
void flagShowResolutionCriteriaChanged (bool value)
void arrowButtonScaleChanged (int value)
void flagInitDirectionUsageChanged (bool value)
void flagInitFOVUsageChanged (bool value)
void flagRequireSelectionChanged (bool value)
void flagAutoLimitMagnitudeChanged (bool value)
void flagDMSDegreesChanged (bool value)
void flagScaleImageCircleChanged (bool value)
void flagShowOcularsButtonChanged (bool value)
void flagShowCcdCropOverlayChanged (bool value)
void ccdCropOverlayHSizeChanged (int value)
void ccdCropOverlayVSizeChanged (int value)
void flagShowCcdCropOverlayPixelGridChanged (bool value)
void flagShowContourChanged (bool value)
void flagShowCardinalsChanged (bool value)
void flagAlignCrosshairChanged (bool value)
void flagShowFocuserOverlayChanged (bool value)
void flagUseSmallFocuserOverlayChanged (bool value)
void flagUseMediumFocuserOverlayChanged (bool value)
void flagUseLargeFocuserOverlayChanged (bool value)

Public Member Functions

virtual void init () Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 Initialize itself. More...
virtual void deinit () Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 Called before the module will be delete, and before the openGL context is suppressed. More...
virtual bool configureGui (bool show=true) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 Detect or show the configuration GUI elements for the module. More...
virtual void draw (StelCore *core) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 Execute all the drawing functions for this module. More...
virtual double getCallOrder (StelModuleActionName actionName) const Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 Return the value defining the order of call for the given action For example if stars.callOrder[ActionDraw] == 10 and constellation.callOrder[ActionDraw] == 11, the stars module will be drawn before the constellations. More...
virtual void handleMouseClicks (class QMouseEvent *event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 Returns the module-specific style sheet.
virtual void update (double) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 Update the module with respect to the time. More...
QString getDimensionsString (double fovX, double fovY) const
QString getFOVString (double fov) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StelModule
virtual QSettings * getSettings ()
 Return module-specific settings. More...
virtual QString getModuleVersion () const
 Get the version of the module, default is stellarium main version.
virtual QString getAuthorName () const
 Get the name of the module author.
virtual QString getAuthorEmail () const
 Get the email adress of the module author.
virtual void handleMouseWheel (class QWheelEvent *)
 Handle mouse wheel. More...
virtual bool handleMouseMoves (int x, int y, Qt::MouseButtons b)
 Handle mouse moves. More...
virtual void handleKeys (class QKeyEvent *e)
 Handle key events. More...
virtual bool handlePinch (qreal scale, bool started)
 Handle pinch gesture events. More...


bool enableOcular
bool enableCrosshairs
bool enableCCD
bool enableTelrad
int selectedCCDIndex
 index of the current CCD, in the range of -1:ccds.count(). -1 means no CCD is selected.
int selectedOcularIndex
 index of the current ocular, in the range of -1:oculars.count(). -1 means no ocular is selected.
int selectedTelescopeIndex
 index of the current telescope, in the range of -1:telescopes.count(). -1 means none is selected.
int selectedLensIndex
 index of the current lens, in the range of -1:lense.count(). -1 means no lens is selected
double selectedCCDRotationAngle
 allows rotating via property/remotecontrol API
double selectedCCDPrismPositionAngle
 allows rotating via property/remotecontrol API
bool flagGuiPanelEnabled
 Display the GUI control panel.
bool flagInitFOVUsage
 Flag used to track if we use default initial FOV (value at the startup of planetarium).
bool flagInitDirectionUsage
 Flag used to track if we use default initial direction (value at the startup of planetarium).
bool flagShowResolutionCriteria
 Show various criteria for angular resolution based on telescope/ocular.
bool flagRequireSelection
 Decide whether an object is required to be selected to zoom in.
bool flagAutoLimitMagnitude
 Decide whether stellar magnitudes should be auto-limited based on telescope/ocular combination. More...
bool flagHideGridsLines
 Switch off all grids and lines of GridMgr while in Ocular view.
bool flagScaleImageCircle
 Decide whether to scale the mask based aFOV.
bool flagSemiTransparency
 Draw the area outside the ocular circle not black but let some stars through.
int transparencyMask
 Value of transparency for semi-transparent mask.
bool flagDMSDegrees
 Use decimal degrees in CCD frame display.
bool flagAutosetMountForCCD
 Flag used to track if we use automatic switch to type of mount for CCD frame.
bool flagScalingFOVForTelrad
 Flag used to track if we use automatic scaling FOV for Telrad.
Vec4f telradFOV
 4-vector of circles. The fourth element is non-standard.
bool flagScalingFOVForCCD
 Flag used to track if we use automatic scaling FOV for CCD.
bool flagShowOcularsButton
bool flagShowContour
bool flagShowCardinals
bool flagAlignCrosshair
int arrowButtonScale
 allows scaling of the GUI "previous/next" Ocular/CCD/Telescope etc. buttons
int guiPanelFontSize
Vec3f textColor
Vec3f lineColor
bool flagShowCcdCropOverlay
 Flag used to track if the ccd crop overlay should be shown.
bool flagShowCcdCropOverlayPixelGrid
 Flag used to track if the ccd full grid overlay should be shown.
int ccdCropOverlayHSize
 Holds the ccd crop overlay size.
int ccdCropOverlayVSize
 Holds the ccd crop overlay size.
bool flagShowFocuserOverlay
 Flag used to track if the focuser crop overlay should be shown.
bool flagUseSmallFocuserOverlay
 Flag used to track if a small-sized focuser (1.25") overlay should be shown.
bool flagUseMediumFocuserOverlay
 Flag used to track if a medium-sized focuser (2.0") overlay should be shown.
bool flagUseLargeFocuserOverlay
 Flag used to track if a large-sized focuser (3.3") overlay should be shown.
Vec3f focuserColor


class OcularsGuiPanel

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from StelModule
enum  StelModuleSelectAction { AddToSelection, ReplaceSelection, RemoveFromSelection }
 Enum used when selecting objects to define whether to add to, replace, or remove from the existing selection list. More...
enum  StelModuleActionName {
  ActionDraw, ActionUpdate, ActionHandleMouseClicks, ActionHandleMouseMoves,
 Define the possible action for which an order is defined. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StelModule
class StelActionaddAction (const QString &id, const QString &groupId, const QString &text, QObject *target, const char *slot, const QString &shortcut="", const QString &altShortcut="")
 convenience methods to add an action (call to slot) to the StelActionMgr object. More...
class StelActionaddAction (const QString &id, const QString &groupId, const QString &text, const char *slot, const QString &shortcut="", const QString &altShortcut="")
 convenience methods to add an action (call to own slot) to the StelActionMgr object. More...
StelActionaddAction (const QString &id, const QString &groupId, const QString &text, QObject *contextObject, std::function< void()> lambda, const QString &shortcut="", const QString &altShortcut="")
 convenience methods to add an action (call to Lambda functor) to the StelActionMgr object. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ configureGui()

virtual bool Oculars::configureGui ( bool  show = true)

This is to be used with plugins to display a configuration dialog from the plugin list window.

showif true, make the configuration GUI visible. If false, hide the config GUI if there is one.
true if the module has a configuration GUI, else false.

Reimplemented from StelModule.

◆ deinit()

virtual void Oculars::deinit ( )

Deinitialize all openGL texture in this method.

Reimplemented from StelModule.

◆ draw()

virtual void Oculars::draw ( StelCore core)
corethe core to use for the drawing

Reimplemented from StelModule.

◆ enableOcular

void Oculars::enableOcular ( bool  b)

It handles determining if we should do anything - based on a selected object.

◆ getCallOrder()

virtual double Oculars::getCallOrder ( StelModuleActionName  actionName) const
actionNamethe name of the action for which we want the call order
the value defining the order. The closer to 0 the earlier the module's action will be called

Reimplemented from StelModule.

◆ getSettings

virtual QSettings* Oculars::getSettings ( )

◆ init()

virtual void Oculars::init ( )

If the initialization takes significant time, the progress should be displayed on the loading bar.

Implements StelModule.

◆ update()

virtual void Oculars::update ( double  deltaTime)
deltaTimethe time increment in second since last call.

Implements StelModule.

◆ updateLists

void Oculars::updateLists ( )

Necessary because of the way model/view management in the OcularDialog is implemented.

Property Documentation

◆ flagAutoLimitMagnitude

bool Oculars::flagAutoLimitMagnitude

If false, the manual limitation value magLimitStarsOculars takes over, and limitation is decided by flagLimitStarsOculars. If true, flagLimitStarsOculars is set true when activating Oculars view, and will remain true.