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QCPColorScale Class Reference
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void dataRangeChanged (QCPRange newRange)
void dataScaleTypeChanged (QCPAxis::ScaleType scaleType)
void gradientChanged (QCPColorGradient newGradient)
- Signals inherited from QCPLayerable
void layerChanged (QCPLayer *newLayer)

Public Member Functions

 QCPColorScale (QCustomPlot *parentPlot)
QCPAxisaxis () const
QCPAxis::AxisType type () const
QCPRange dataRange () const
QCPAxis::ScaleType dataScaleType () const
QCPColorGradient gradient () const
QString label () const
int barWidth () const
bool rangeDrag () const
bool rangeZoom () const
void setType (QCPAxis::AxisType type)
Q_SLOT void setDataRange (const QCPRange &dataRange)
Q_SLOT void setDataScaleType (QCPAxis::ScaleType scaleType)
Q_SLOT void setGradient (const QCPColorGradient &gradient)
void setLabel (const QString &str)
void setBarWidth (int width)
void setRangeDrag (bool enabled)
void setRangeZoom (bool enabled)
QList< QCPColorMap * > colorMaps () const
void rescaleDataRange (bool onlyVisibleMaps)
virtual void update (UpdatePhase phase)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QCPLayoutElement
 QCPLayoutElement (QCustomPlot *parentPlot=0)
QCPLayoutlayout () const
QRect rect () const
QRect outerRect () const
QMargins margins () const
QMargins minimumMargins () const
QCP::MarginSides autoMargins () const
QSize minimumSize () const
QSize maximumSize () const
QCPMarginGroupmarginGroup (QCP::MarginSide side) const
QHash< QCP::MarginSide, QCPMarginGroup * > marginGroups () const
void setOuterRect (const QRect &rect)
void setMargins (const QMargins &margins)
void setMinimumMargins (const QMargins &margins)
void setAutoMargins (QCP::MarginSides sides)
void setMinimumSize (const QSize &size)
void setMinimumSize (int width, int height)
void setMaximumSize (const QSize &size)
void setMaximumSize (int width, int height)
void setMarginGroup (QCP::MarginSides sides, QCPMarginGroup *group)
virtual QSize minimumSizeHint () const
virtual QSize maximumSizeHint () const
virtual QList< QCPLayoutElement * > elements (bool recursive) const
virtual double selectTest (const QPointF &pos, bool onlySelectable, QVariant *details=0) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QCPLayerable
 QCPLayerable (QCustomPlot *plot, QString targetLayer=QString(), QCPLayerable *parentLayerable=0)
bool visible () const
QCustomPlotparentPlot () const
QCPLayerableparentLayerable () const
QCPLayerlayer () const
bool antialiased () const
void setVisible (bool on)
Q_SLOT bool setLayer (QCPLayer *layer)
bool setLayer (const QString &layerName)
void setAntialiased (bool enabled)
bool realVisibility () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void applyDefaultAntialiasingHint (QCPPainter *painter) const
virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *event)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QCPLayoutElement
virtual int calculateAutoMargin (QCP::MarginSide side)
virtual void mouseDoubleClickEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void draw (QCPPainter *painter)
virtual void parentPlotInitialized (QCustomPlot *parentPlot)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QCPLayerable
virtual QCP::Interaction selectionCategory () const
virtual QRect clipRect () const
virtual void selectEvent (QMouseEvent *event, bool additive, const QVariant &details, bool *selectionStateChanged)
virtual void deselectEvent (bool *selectionStateChanged)
void initializeParentPlot (QCustomPlot *parentPlot)
void setParentLayerable (QCPLayerable *parentLayerable)
bool moveToLayer (QCPLayer *layer, bool prepend)
void applyAntialiasingHint (QCPPainter *painter, bool localAntialiased, QCP::AntialiasedElement overrideElement) const

Protected Attributes

QCPAxis::AxisType mType
QCPRange mDataRange
QCPAxis::ScaleType mDataScaleType
QCPColorGradient mGradient
int mBarWidth
QPointer< QCPColorScaleAxisRectPrivatemAxisRect
QPointer< QCPAxismColorAxis
- Protected Attributes inherited from QCPLayoutElement
QSize mMinimumSize
QSize mMaximumSize
QRect mRect
QRect mOuterRect
QMargins mMargins
QMargins mMinimumMargins
QCP::MarginSides mAutoMargins
QHash< QCP::MarginSide, QCPMarginGroup * > mMarginGroups
- Protected Attributes inherited from QCPLayerable
bool mVisible
QPointer< QCPLayerablemParentLayerable
bool mAntialiased


class QCPColorScaleAxisRectPrivate

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QCPLayoutElement
enum  UpdatePhase { upPreparation, upMargins, upLayout }

Detailed Description

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