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QCPPainter Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  PainterMode { pmDefault = 0x00, pmVectorized = 0x01, pmNoCaching = 0x02, pmNonCosmetic = 0x04 }

Public Member Functions

 QCPPainter (QPaintDevice *device)
bool antialiasing () const
PainterModes modes () const
void setAntialiasing (bool enabled)
void setMode (PainterMode mode, bool enabled=true)
void setModes (PainterModes modes)
bool begin (QPaintDevice *device)
void setPen (const QPen &pen)
void setPen (const QColor &color)
void setPen (Qt::PenStyle penStyle)
void drawLine (const QLineF &line)
void drawLine (const QPointF &p1, const QPointF &p2)
void save ()
void restore ()
void makeNonCosmetic ()

Protected Attributes

PainterModes mModes
bool mIsAntialiasing
QStack< bool > mAntialiasingStack

Detailed Description

Definition at line 312 of file qcustomplot.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Defines special modes the painter can operate in. They disable or enable certain subsets of features/fixes/workarounds, depending on whether they are wanted on the respective output device.


0x00 Default mode for painting on screen devices


0x01 Mode for vectorized painting (e.g. PDF export). For example, this prevents some antialiasing fixes.


0x02 Mode for all sorts of exports (e.g. PNG, PDF,...). For example, this prevents using cached pixmap labels


0x04 Turns pen widths 0 to 1, i.e. disables cosmetic pens. (A cosmetic pen is always drawn with width 1 pixel in the vector image/pdf viewer, independent of zoom.)

Definition at line 320 of file qcustomplot.h.

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