Stellarium  0.20.4
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Orbit Class Reference

Public Member Functions

virtual void positionAtTimevInVSOP87Coordinates (double JDE, double *v)
 Return a position (XYZ in AU). More...
virtual Vec3d getVelocity () const
 return speed value [AU/d]. (zero in the base class)
virtual void getVelocity (double *vel) const
 write speed value [AU/d] into first 3 elements of vel. (zero in the base class)
virtual double getSemimajorAxis () const
 return semimajor axis. (zero in the base class)
virtual double getEccentricity () const
 return orbit eccentricity. (zero in the base class)
void setParentOrientation (const double parentRotObliquity, const double parentRotAscendingNode, const double parentRotJ2000Longitude)
 For planet moons which have orbits given in relation to their parent planet's equator. More...

Protected Attributes

double rotateToVsop87 [9]

Member Function Documentation

◆ positionAtTimevInVSOP87Coordinates()

virtual void Orbit::positionAtTimevInVSOP87Coordinates ( double  JDE,
double *  v 
JDEJulian Ephemeris Date
vdouble array of at least 3 elements. The first three should be filled by the X/Y/Z data.

Reimplemented in GimbalOrbit, and KeplerOrbit.

◆ setParentOrientation()

void Orbit::setParentOrientation ( const double  parentRotObliquity,
const double  parentRotAscendingNode,
const double  parentRotJ2000Longitude 

This is called by the constructor, and must be updated for parent planets when their axis changes over time.