Stellarium  0.19.3
Public Member Functions
SpaceShipObserver Class Reference

An observer which moves from from one position to another one and/or from one planet to another one.

#include <StelObserver.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 SpaceShipObserver (const StelLocation &startLoc, const StelLocation &target, double transitSeconds=1., double timeToGo=-1.0)
virtual bool update (double deltaTime)
 Update StelObserver info if needed. Default implementation does nothing.
virtual const QSharedPointer< PlanetgetHomePlanet () const
virtual bool isObserverLifeOver () const
 Get whether the life of this observer is over, and therefore that it should be changed to the next one provided by the getNextObserver() method.
virtual bool isTraveling () const
 Get whether the location is a moving one.
virtual StelObservergetNextObserver () const
 Get the next observer to use once the life of this one is over.
StelLocation getTargetLocation () const
 Returns the target location.
double getRemainingTime () const
 Returns the remaining movement time.
double getTransitTime () const
 Returns the total movement time.
- Public Member Functions inherited from StelObserver
 StelObserver (const StelLocation &loc)
 Create a new StelObserver instance which is at a fixed Location.
Vec3d getCenterVsop87Pos (void) const
 Get the position of the home planet center in the heliocentric VSOP87 frame in AU.
double getDistanceFromCenter (void) const
 Get the distance between observer and home planet center in AU. More...
Vec4d getTopographicOffsetFromCenter (void) const
 Get the geocentric rectangular coordinates of the observer in AU, plus geocentric latitude φ'. More...
Mat4d getRotAltAzToEquatorial (double JD, double JDE) const
 returns rotation matrix for conversion of alt-azimuthal to equatorial coordinates For Earth we need JD(UT), for other planets JDE! To be general, just have both in here!
Mat4d getRotEquatorialToVsop87 (void) const
virtual const StelLocationgetCurrentLocation () const
 Get the informations on the current location.

Additional Inherited Members

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StelLocation currentLocation
QSharedPointer< Planetplanet