Stellarium 0.15.2
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Quasars Plug-in


class  QuasarsDialog
class  Quasar
 A Quasar object represents one Quasar on the sky. More...
class  Quasars
 Main class of the Quasars plugin. More...


typedef QSharedPointer< QuasarQuasarP

Detailed Description

The Quasars plugin provides visualization of some quasars brighter than 16 visual magnitude. A catalogue of quasars compiled from "Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei" (13th Ed.) (Veron+ 2010).

Quasars Catalog

The quasars catalog is stored on the disk in JSON format, in a file named "quasars.json". A default copy is embedded in the plug-in at compile time. A working copy is kept in the user data directory.


The plug-ins' configuration data is stored in Stellarium's main configuration file (section [Quasars]).