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Telescope Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE Telescope (const QObject &other)
void writeToSettings (QSettings *settings, const int index)
double diameter () const
void setDiameter (double theValue)
double focalLength () const
void setFocalLength (double theValue)
const QString name () const
void setName (QString theValue)
bool isHFlipped () const
void setHFlipped (bool flipped)
bool isVFlipped () const
void setVFlipped (bool flipped)
bool isEquatorial () const
void setEquatorial (bool eq)
QMap< int, QString > propertyMap ()

Static Public Member Functions

static TelescopetelescopeFromSettings (QSettings *theSettings, int telescopeIndex)
static TelescopetelescopeModel ()


QString name
double diameter
double focalLength
bool hFlipped
bool vFlipped
bool equatorial

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