Stellarium 0.15.2
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QCPColorMapData Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 QCPColorMapData (int keySize, int valueSize, const QCPRange &keyRange, const QCPRange &valueRange)
 QCPColorMapData (const QCPColorMapData &other)
QCPColorMapDataoperator= (const QCPColorMapData &other)
int keySize () const
int valueSize () const
QCPRange keyRange () const
QCPRange valueRange () const
QCPRange dataBounds () const
double data (double key, double value)
double cell (int keyIndex, int valueIndex)
void setSize (int keySize, int valueSize)
void setKeySize (int keySize)
void setValueSize (int valueSize)
void setRange (const QCPRange &keyRange, const QCPRange &valueRange)
void setKeyRange (const QCPRange &keyRange)
void setValueRange (const QCPRange &valueRange)
void setData (double key, double value, double z)
void setCell (int keyIndex, int valueIndex, double z)
void recalculateDataBounds ()
void clear ()
void fill (double z)
bool isEmpty () const
void coordToCell (double key, double value, int *keyIndex, int *valueIndex) const
void cellToCoord (int keyIndex, int valueIndex, double *key, double *value) const

Protected Attributes

int mKeySize
int mValueSize
QCPRange mKeyRange
QCPRange mValueRange
bool mIsEmpty
double * mData
QCPRange mDataBounds
bool mDataModified


class QCPColorMap

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Definition at line 2997 of file qcustomplot.h.

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