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SkyGui Class Reference

The class managing the layout for button bars, selected object info and loading bars.

#include <SkyGui.hpp>

Public Slots

void updateBarsPos ()
 Update the position of the button bars in the main window GZ needed this public for interactive GUI scaling.

Public Member Functions

 SkyGui (QGraphicsItem *parent=Q_NULLPTR)
void addProgressBar (StelProgressController *)
 Add a new progress bar in the lower right corner of the screen. More...
void init (class StelGui *stelGui)
virtual void paint (QPainter *, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *, QWidget *=Q_NULLPTR) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
int getSkyGuiWidth () const
int getSkyGuiHeight () const
qreal getBottomBarHeight () const
 return height of bottom Bar when fully shown
qreal getLeftBarWidth () const
 return width of left Bar when fully shown

Protected Member Functions

virtual void resizeEvent (QGraphicsSceneResizeEvent *event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
virtual void hoverMoveEvent (QGraphicsSceneHoverEvent *event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
virtual QVariant itemChange (GraphicsItemChange change, const QVariant &value) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE


class StelGui

Member Function Documentation

◆ addProgressBar()

void SkyGui::addProgressBar ( StelProgressController )

When the progress bar is deleted with removeProgressBar() the layout is automatically rearranged.

a pointer to the progress bar