Stellarium  23.4
Public Member Functions
GimbalOrbit Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 GimbalOrbit (double distance, double longitude, double latitude)
 Constructor. More...
void positionAtTimevInVSOP87Coordinates (double JDE, double *v) override
 Compute position for a (unused) Julian day.
double getSemimajorAxis () const override
 Returns (pseudo) semimajor axis [AU] of a circular "orbit", i.e., distance.
void setMinDistance (double dist)
 Set minimum distance for observers (may depend on central object)
double getLongitude () const
 Retrieve observer's longitude in degrees.
double getLatitude () const
 Retrieve observer's latitude in degrees.
double getDistance () const
 Retrieve observer's distance in AU.
void setLongitude (const double lng)
 Set observer's longitude in degrees.
void setLatitude (const double lat)
 Set observer's latitude in degrees.
void setDistance (const double dist)
 Set observer's distance in AU.
void addToLongitude (const double dlong)
 Incrementally change longitude by. More...
void addToLatitude (const double dlat)
 Incrementally change latitude by. More...
void addToDistance (const double ddist)
 Incrementally change distance by. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Orbit
virtual Vec3d getVelocity () const
 return speed value [AU/d]. (zero in the base class)
virtual void getVelocity (double *vel) const
 write speed value [AU/d] into first 3 elements of vel. (zero in the base class)
virtual double getEccentricity () const
 return orbit eccentricity. (zero in the base class)
void setParentOrientation (const double parentRotObliquity, const double parentRotAscendingNode, const double parentRotJ2000Longitude)
 For planet moons which have orbits given in relation to their parent planet's equator. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Orbit
double rotateToVsop87 [9]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GimbalOrbit()

GimbalOrbit::GimbalOrbit ( double  distance,
double  longitude,
double  latitude 


distancein AU,
longitudein radians,
latitudein radians.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addToDistance()

void GimbalOrbit::addToDistance ( const double  ddist)

Incrementally change distance by.

ddistAU. Clamped to minDistance...50 AU.

◆ addToLatitude()

void GimbalOrbit::addToLatitude ( const double  dlat)

Incrementally change latitude by.

dlatdegrees. Clamped to |lat|<(90-delta) with a small delta at the poles.

◆ addToLongitude()

void GimbalOrbit::addToLongitude ( const double  dlong)

Incrementally change longitude by.