Stellarium  0.22.2
Data Fields
skylightStruct2 Struct Reference

Class which computes the daylight sky color Fast implementation of the algorithm from the article "A Practical Analytic Model for Daylight" by A. More...

#include <Skylight.hpp>

Data Fields

float pos [3]
float color [3]
 Vector to the position (vertical = pos[2])

Detailed Description

J. Preetham, Peter Shirley and Brian Smits. Siggraph 1999. Note that the original implementation for Stellarium fixed turbidity T=5 and tweaked a few color parameters for a better-looking sky. When T is set to deviate from 5, the original parameters appear overall better.

Field Documentation

◆ color

float skylightStruct2::color[3]

◆ pos

float skylightStruct2::pos[3]