Stellarium  0.20.4
Data Structures
RemoteSync plug-in

Data Structures

class  RemoteSync
 Main class of the RemoteSync plug-in. More...

Detailed Description

Provides state synchronization for multiple Stellarium instances running in a network. See manual for detailed description.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ RemoteSync

class RemoteSync

Provides a synchronization mechanism for multiple Stellarium instances in a network. This plugin has been developed during ESA SoCiS 2015/2016.

Florian Schaukowitsch
Georg Zotti

Public Types

enum  SyncState {
enum  ClientBehavior { NONE, RECONNECT, QUIT }
 Defines behavior when client connection is lost/server quits.
- Public Types inherited from StelModule
enum  StelModuleSelectAction { AddToSelection, ReplaceSelection, RemoveFromSelection }
 Enum used when selecting objects to define whether to add to, replace, or remove from the existing selection list. More...
enum  StelModuleActionName {
  ActionDraw, ActionUpdate, ActionHandleMouseClicks, ActionHandleMouseMoves,
 Define the possible action for which an order is defined. More...

Public Slots

void setClientServerHost (const QString &clientServerHost)
void setClientServerPort (const int port)
void setServerPort (const int port)
void setClientSyncOptions (SyncClient::SyncOptions options)
void setStelPropFilter (const QStringList &stelPropFilter)
void setConnectionLostBehavior (const ClientBehavior bh)
void setQuitBehavior (const ClientBehavior bh)
void startServer ()
 Starts the plugin in server mode, on the port specified by the serverPort property. More...
void stopServer ()
 Tries to disconnect all current clients and stops the server, returning to the IDLE state. More...
void connectToServer ()
 Connects the plugin to the server specified by the clientServerHost and clientServerPort properties. More...
void disconnectFromServer ()
 Disconnects from the server and returns to the IDLE state. More...
void loadSettings ()
 Load the plug-in's settings from the configuration file. More...
void saveSettings ()
 Save the plug-in's settings to the configuration file. More...
void restoreDefaultSettings ()
 Restore the plug-in's settings to the default state. More...


void errorOccurred (const QString &errorString)
void clientServerHostChanged (const QString &clientServerHost)
void clientServerPortChanged (const int port)
void serverPortChanged (const int port)
void clientSyncOptionsChanged (const SyncClient::SyncOptions options)
void stelPropFilterChanged (const QStringList &stelPropFilter)
void connectionLostBehaviorChanged (const ClientBehavior bh)
void quitBehaviorChanged (const ClientBehavior bh)
void stateChanged (RemoteSync::SyncState state)

Public Member Functions

virtual void init () Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 Initialize itself. More...
virtual void update (double deltaTime) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 Update the module with respect to the time. More...
virtual double getCallOrder (StelModuleActionName actionName) const Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 Return the value defining the order of call for the given action For example if stars.callOrder[ActionDraw] == 10 and constellation.callOrder[ActionDraw] == 11, the stars module will be drawn before the constellations. More...
virtual bool configureGui (bool show=true) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 Detect or show the configuration GUI elements for the module. More...
QString getClientServerHost () const
quint16 getClientServerPort () const
quint16 getServerPort () const
SyncClient::SyncOptions getClientSyncOptions () const
QStringList getStelPropFilter () const
ClientBehavior getConnectionLostBehavior () const
ClientBehavior getQuitBehavior () const
SyncState getState () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StelModule
virtual void deinit ()
 Called before the module will be delete, and before the openGL context is suppressed. More...
virtual QSettings * getSettings ()
 Return module-specific settings. More...
virtual void draw (StelCore *core)
 Execute all the drawing functions for this module. More...
virtual QString getModuleVersion () const
 Get the version of the module, default is stellarium main version.
virtual QString getAuthorName () const
 Get the name of the module author.
virtual QString getAuthorEmail () const
 Get the email adress of the module author.
virtual void handleMouseClicks (class QMouseEvent *)
 Handle mouse clicks. More...
virtual void handleMouseWheel (class QWheelEvent *)
 Handle mouse wheel. More...
virtual bool handleMouseMoves (int x, int y, Qt::MouseButtons b)
 Handle mouse moves. More...
virtual void handleKeys (class QKeyEvent *e)
 Handle key events. More...
virtual bool handlePinch (qreal scale, bool started)
 Handle pinch gesture events. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isPropertyBlacklisted (const QString &name)
 Very few propertries cannot be synchronized for technical reasons.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from StelModule
class StelActionaddAction (const QString &id, const QString &groupId, const QString &text, QObject *target, const char *slot, const QString &shortcut="", const QString &altShortcut="")
 convenience methods to add an action (call to slot) to the StelActionMgr object. More...
class StelActionaddAction (const QString &id, const QString &groupId, const QString &text, const char *slot, const QString &shortcut="", const QString &altShortcut="")
 convenience methods to add an action (call to own slot) to the StelActionMgr object. More...
StelActionaddAction (const QString &id, const QString &groupId, const QString &text, QObject *contextObject, std::function< void()> lambda, const QString &shortcut="", const QString &altShortcut="")
 convenience methods to add an action (call to Lambda functor) to the StelActionMgr object. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ configureGui()

virtual bool RemoteSync::configureGui ( bool  show = true)

This is to be used with plugins to display a configuration dialog from the plugin list window.

showif true, make the configuration GUI visible. If false, hide the config GUI if there is one.
true if the module has a configuration GUI, else false.

Reimplemented from StelModule.

◆ connectToServer

void RemoteSync::connectToServer ( )

If currently in a state other than IDLE or CLIENT_WAIT_RECONNECT, this call has no effect.

◆ disconnectFromServer

void RemoteSync::disconnectFromServer ( )

Only has an effect in the CLIENT state.

◆ getCallOrder()

virtual double RemoteSync::getCallOrder ( StelModuleActionName  actionName) const
actionNamethe name of the action for which we want the call order
the value defining the order. The closer to 0 the earlier the module's action will be called

Reimplemented from StelModule.

◆ init()

virtual void RemoteSync::init ( )

If the initialization takes significant time, the progress should be displayed on the loading bar.

Implements StelModule.

◆ loadSettings

void RemoteSync::loadSettings ( )

Settings are kept in the "RemoteSync" section in Stellarium's configuration file. If no such section exists, it will load default values.

See also
saveSettings(), restoreSettings()

◆ restoreDefaultSettings

void RemoteSync::restoreDefaultSettings ( )

Replace the plug-in's settings in Stellarium's configuration file with the default values and re-load them. Uses internally loadSettings() and saveSettings().

◆ saveSettings

void RemoteSync::saveSettings ( )
See also
loadSettings(), restoreSettings()

◆ startServer

void RemoteSync::startServer ( )

If currently in a state other than IDLE, this call has no effect.

◆ stopServer

void RemoteSync::stopServer ( )

Only has an effect in the SERVER state.

◆ update()

virtual void RemoteSync::update ( double  deltaTime)
deltaTimethe time increment in second since last call.

Implements StelModule.