Stellarium  0.19.0
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GPSLookupHelper Class Referenceabstract

Public Slots

virtual void query ()=0
 Performs a GPS query. More...
virtual void setPeriodicQuery (int interval)=0
 Activate a series of continuous queries. More...


void queryFinished (const StelLocation &loc)
 Emitted when the query finished successfully. More...
void queryError (const QString &msg)
 Emitted when the query is aborted with an error message.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool isReady ()=0
 True if the helper is ready to be used (query() can be called)

Protected Member Functions

 GPSLookupHelper (QObject *parent)

Member Function Documentation

◆ query

virtual void GPSLookupHelper::query ( )
pure virtualslot

Either the queryFinished() or the queryError() signal will be called after this call (or within it)

◆ queryFinished

void GPSLookupHelper::queryFinished ( const StelLocation loc)
locThe location

◆ setPeriodicQuery

virtual void GPSLookupHelper::setPeriodicQuery ( int  interval)
pure virtualslot

Those will call queryFinished() every interval milliseconds or queryError(). The handler for queryError() should call setPeriodicQuery(0) to stop it.