Stellarium  0.22.2
Public Member Functions
GimbalOrbit Class Reference

A pseudo-orbit for "observers" linked to a planet's sphere. More...

#include <Orbit.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 GimbalOrbit (double distance, double longitude, double latitude)
virtual void positionAtTimevInVSOP87Coordinates (double JDE, double *v) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 Compute position for a (unused) Julian day.
double getSemimajorAxis () const Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
 Returns (pseudo) semimajor axis [AU] of a circular orbit.
double getLongitude () const
double getLatitude () const
double getDistance () const
void setLongitude (const double lng)
void setLatitude (const double lat)
void setDistance (const double dist)
void addToLongitude (const double dlong)
void addToLatitude (const double dlat)
void addToDistance (const double ddist)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Orbit
virtual Vec3d getVelocity () const
 return speed value [AU/d]. (zero in the base class)
virtual void getVelocity (double *vel) const
 write speed value [AU/d] into first 3 elements of vel. (zero in the base class)
virtual double getEccentricity () const
 return orbit eccentricity. (zero in the base class)
void setParentOrientation (const double parentRotObliquity, const double parentRotAscendingNode, const double parentRotJ2000Longitude)
 For planet moons which have orbits given in relation to their parent planet's equator. More...

Additional Inherited Members

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double rotateToVsop87 [9]

Detailed Description

It allows setting distance and longitude/latitude in the VSOP87 frame. This class ic currently in an experimental state. rotateToVsop87 may need to be set up correctly, and view frame currently cannot be controlled properly.