Stellarium  0.16.1
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file  GeomMath.hpp [code]
 This header contains useful classes for common geometric operations that are useful for 3D rendering, such as AABB, and other vector math helpers.
file  StelLocationMgr_p.hpp [code]
 StelLocationMgr private implementation details Just contains GPS lookup helpers for now.
file  StelObjectType.hpp [code]
 Define the StelObjectP type.
file  StelProjectorType.hpp [code]
 Define the StelProjectorP type.
file  StelSkyLayerMgr.hpp [code]
 Define the classes needed for managing layers of sky elements display.
file  StelSphereGeometry.hpp [code]
 Define all SphericalGeometry primitives as well as the SphericalRegionP type.
file  StelTextureTypes.hpp [code]
 Define the StelTextureSP type.
file  StelTranslator.hpp [code]
 Define some translation macros.