Stellarium  0.16.1
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StelPluginInterface Class Referenceabstract

Define the interface to implement when creating a plugin. More...

#include <StelPluginInterface.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual class StelModulegetStelModule () const =0
 Get the instance of StelModule to include in the list of standard StelModule. More...
virtual StelPluginInfo getPluginInfo () const =0
 Get information about the plugin. More...
virtual QObjectList getExtensionList () const =0
 A mechanism to provide abitrary QObjects to the StelModuleMgr. More...

Detailed Description

Define the interface to implement when creating a plugin.

The interface is used by the QPluginLoader to load Stellarium plugins dynamically.

See also
Plugins for documentation on how to develop external plugins.

Definition at line 56 of file StelPluginInterface.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual QObjectList StelPluginInterface::getExtensionList ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual StelPluginInfo StelPluginInterface::getPluginInfo ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual class StelModule* StelPluginInterface::getStelModule ( ) const
pure virtual

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