Stellarium 0.15.2
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internal_state Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

z_streamp strm
int status
Bytef * pending_buf
ulg pending_buf_size
Bytef * pending_out
uInt pending
int wrap
gz_headerp gzhead
uInt gzindex
Byte method
int last_flush
uInt w_size
uInt w_bits
uInt w_mask
Bytef * window
ulg window_size
Posf * prev
Posf * head
uInt ins_h
uInt hash_size
uInt hash_bits
uInt hash_mask
uInt hash_shift
long block_start
uInt match_length
IPos prev_match
int match_available
uInt strstart
uInt match_start
uInt lookahead
uInt prev_length
uInt max_chain_length
uInt max_lazy_match
int level
int strategy
uInt good_match
int nice_match
struct ct_data_s dyn_ltree [HEAP_SIZE]
struct ct_data_s dyn_dtree [2 *D_CODES+1]
struct ct_data_s bl_tree [2 *BL_CODES+1]
struct tree_desc_s l_desc
struct tree_desc_s d_desc
struct tree_desc_s bl_desc
ush bl_count [MAX_BITS+1]
int heap [2 *L_CODES+1]
int heap_len
int heap_max
uch depth [2 *L_CODES+1]
uchf * l_buf
uInt lit_bufsize
uInt last_lit
ushf * d_buf
ulg opt_len
ulg static_len
uInt matches
uInt insert
ush bi_buf
int bi_valid
ulg high_water
int dummy

Detailed Description

Definition at line 97 of file deflate.h.

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