Stellarium 0.15.2
ToastTile Member List

This is the complete list of members for ToastTile, including all inherited members.

draw(StelPainter *painter, const SphericalCap &viewportShape, int maxVisibleLevel) (defined in ToastTile)ToastTile
drawTile(StelPainter *painter) (defined in ToastTile)ToastTileprotected
getCoord() const (defined in ToastTile)ToastTileinline
getGrid() const ToastTileprotected
getSurvey() const ToastTileprotected
isCovered(const SphericalCap &viewportShape) const ToastTileprotected
isTransparent() (defined in ToastTile)ToastTile
isVisible(const SphericalCap &viewportShape, int maxVisibleLevel) const ToastTileprotected
prepareDraw() (defined in ToastTile)ToastTileprotected
ToastTile(ToastSurvey *survey, int level, int x, int y) (defined in ToastTile)ToastTile
~ToastTile() (defined in ToastTile)ToastTilevirtual